Newsletter – October 2019

Attending Graham Myers, Ruth Willerton, Barbara Parkinson, Len Padgett, Jim Parkinson, Neil Barham, Loz Dobson, Dale Rivers

Apologies Joe Battye

Karen Slater has recently resigned from the committee

Murdered to Death
A healthy profit was reported.
Feedback from the director was very positive and Jane is rightly very proud of the show in general, the feedback she has received and the fantastic performance of the actors.  A negative was regarding poor rehearsal attendances and the disruption this caused. 

Poor Attendance at Rehearsals
The committee would like to emphasise this to all members and that participants in future productions must fully commit to attending as many rehearsals as possible and if unable to attend, the responsibility on providing a stand-in is wholly and fully theirs and not anyone else’s.  In future, the Trin will intervene when circumstances demand, to support the director in this area.

Committee Member Required
Karen has sadly resigned from the committee and we are keen to invite a replacement.  The main duty of applicants would be around the marketing area as we realise that this is key to the success of the Trin.

Raffle Prizes
We agreed to set a budget for prizes for forthcoming shows and will produce a shopping list for shows.  It was agreed to set raffle tickets at £1 per strip

Play Dates
Dates were set for Spring: 22nd to 25th April 2020, Summer; 15th to 19th July 2020 and Autumn; 7th to 10th October 2020.  The Spring play is already set and will be directed by Helen Watson.   Applications are welcome for the Summer and Autumn sets.  Both plays and directors.  Please email the committee directly.  You will be asked to join us at a meeting to discuss your ideas.  PLEASE DO NOT discuss it with Bob in the pub and expect it to happen 🙂

Front of House
We do need more people to come forward and volunteer for FoH duties.  If you or any of your friends would like to assist, it’s open to anyone and really is quite rewarding

Panto – Aladdin 2020
We will be doing 8 shows at the Panto this year
There will be an after-show party the week following the Panto – set the date!
We are building a friends email list for contact with the Panto mums, etc
We have a number of chaperones but need more.  If you would like to volunteer, we will pay for your certification.  Apply to Ruth Willerton


Ladies and Children’s Fashion Show
High Street Labels at Affordable Prices

THURSDAY 24 th OCTOBER 2019 @ 7pm (Doors open 6.45pm)

£2 Entrance
Prepaid tickets include free draw to win £50 to spend on the night
Tickets available from the Lamproom Box Office or website
Tel: 01226 200075 –
Or Pay on the door


Newsletter – AGM July 2019

Apologies were received and given for the following members
Helen Watson, Keith Watson, Peter Horner, Sally Davies, Anne Prew, John Ryall, John Parker, Joe Battye and Dale Rivers

Opening Remarks
The Chair commented on another very successful year with four excellent plays. He thanked all involved in the society for their efforts and particularly thanked Jo Morfitt for the success with the pantomime and Paul Taylor for directing two plays consecutively. It was also great to see new directors emerging. The emergence of a Junior group was also noted and was agreed that this was excellent for the future of the Society.

Sandra Thornley Tribute
Karen Slater led a warm tribute to Sandra and this was enhanced and echoed by a number of colleagues.

Secretaries Report
No report was issued due to the expected absence of the Secretary.

Treasurers Report
Details had been issued by the Treasurer in advance of the meeting and the results for the year were recorded. Profits from the plays were made as follows:

Comfort and Joy £1,203.49
Scarlet and the Enchanted Forest £3,739.49
Death Trap £685.12
Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me £87.03

A net profit for the year was recorded as £2,309.59 and this had been enhanced by the receipt of £1,000 from the Estate of the late Mr Moss.

The current Balance for the Players was recorded as £10,290.94

Election of Officers
The role of Secretary was due for renewal and Dale Rivers was will to continue in the role. This was agreed by members.
Joe Battye had been chosen by the Committee to act as Vice Chair during the year following a resignation. This continuation was also agreed by members.
Zena Claire and Hazel Armitage had decided not to be considered for Committee for the upcoming year and are thanked for their contributions. The two vacancies were filled by Ruth Willerton and Len Padgett. No other members wished to be put forward for the roles.

Church Gift Day
After a short discussion, it was agreed that two payments of £1,000 were to be made in July and January to support the finances of the Church rather than the full payment in November as in previous years.

Call for Chaperones and Front of House
It was discussed and noted that more Chaperones were required due to the rise in Junior participants. Members were also encouraged to consider undertaking Front of House duties particularly during the pantomime when so many other members were either on stage or back stage.

Committee Proposals
50p Charge for Refreshments during Rehearsals. 10 voted For and 5 Against. Proposal Agreed
50p Charge for Refreshments on Wednesday. 16 voted For and 2 Against. Proposal Agreed.
Increase Subscriptions from £5 to £10. Unanimously Against. Proposal Refused.

Future of trinity Players
An email prepared by Joe Battye was read out to Members by the Chair. Discussions took place and whilst it was agreed that the desire was to remain at the Church premises for as long as practical, it was agreed that the Society should prepared to look to secure other options. It was agreed that a working Party should be established to look into other venues and costs. Names to be forwarded to the Chair.

Call for Front of House and Greater Involvement in Trinity Church
Following on from the previous discussion, it was suggested that the best way to ensure the Church premises are available is to add numbers to the congregation and become involved in the Church. The Juniors performing for the Church and Trinity Players putting on coffee mornings were discussed.

Members were also encouraged to consider undertaking Front of House duties particularly during the pantomime when so many other members were either on stage or back stage.

In essence, the Society belongs to all members. Any ideas and proposals for future involvement, Income generation or marketing strategies could either be sent through Committee members or by attendance at a meeting.

Closing Statement
Members were thanked for their attendance and their involvement in the meeting.


Newsletter – June 2019

Following a committee meeting on 3rd June 2019, please read on…..

After discussions, we are delighted to announce that the 2020 Pantomime will be directed by Alice Love. She has adapted Aladdin from the version we did some years ago. The dates are 17th, 18th, 19th 24th, 25th and 26th January 2020.

Andrew Crossland invites everyone to a reading of his latest play on Wednesday 17th July at the Trinity Hall.

As the AGM approaches, (24th July), the committee have been setting out the agenda points – more later but a sneek preview reveals some changes we want to make to rehearsals, some ideas for future funding, some information regarding our premises and a call out for willing members to become chaperones. Of the 6 committee members, 2 do not wish re-election whilst the others are happy to stay in post if re-elected. Also, the Secretary position is up for re-election.

Paul’s current play, “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me” is progressing well and he has the following message to the membership.

“Good Morning fellow members.
I wish to solicit all your help with ticket sales for this outstanding play.
We have only three characters/actors so sales from the cast will be relatively less than for a large cast play.
The three actors are doing an absolutely fantastic job and are working very hard as they have so much to do.
The story line gives rise to much humour – sometimes gentle – sometimes madcap – sometimes dark.
There is also much pathos and high levels of emotion.
You can sell tickets for this production confident that Michael Cutts, Ian Davies & Phil Johnson will entertain & make you as proud as they do me.
Thank you all.”

Finally, we have decided to withdraw the members email address with immediate effect. We owe a duty of care to our members and as a responsible organisation, we must control the content and frequency of emails. If you would like to send a message to the members, please advise the committee with the full details ( and it will be reviewed along with any other requests and distributed within a few days.


Newsletter – May 2019

Trinity Newsletter

After a committee meeting on 29th April 2019, please note the following points.

Our recent performance, Deathtrap was a very successful production. The financial officer reported a sound profit with great attendances and excellent feedback. Thanks to the director, Paul Taylor for another cracking play.

Rehearsals are underway for the Summer play (10th to 14th July) for Someone Who’ll Watch Over me under the directorship of Paul Taylor. As ever you are welcome to come and watch rehearsals on Wednesdays but Paul asks that you keep the noise levels low to help the cast concentrate.

Jane Laverack has been having read-throughs for the Autumn play (9th to 12th October), Murdered to Death and has selected her cast.

Alice Willerton would like to invite members to attend a read through of her adaptation of the Aladdin Panto on Wednesday 15th May at 7:30pm in the upstairs room at the Trin.

Meanwhile Joe Battye has started working with the Trinity Juniors for a repeat of last year’s event. There are approximately 27 children involved and instead of one night, this year there will be a show on the Saturday night with a matinee on the Sunday. The format is still work in progress but Joe suggests that the 1st act will be a panto written by the cast and the 2nd act comprised of a dance and song showcase and a tribute to world war one. Tickets will be available soon and will be based on voluntary contributions.

The AGM is set for Wednesday 24th July 2019. Suggestions for the agenda are welcome. Please submit these by June 24th (30 days prior to) as entries after this and on the day will not be permitted.

Of particular concern is ideas for revenue generation to protect the Trin into the future and beyond the current premises.

Peter and Jeff have offered to host the Trinity BBQ at their home in Langsett on Saturday 29th June. All are welcome, more details to follow.

The dates for future performances have been agreed as
Pantomime – the weekends of 18th and 25th January 2020
Spring play – Apr 22nd to 25th April 2020
The Trin now have a 12 month rolling programme

It is noted that the recent enhancement of the raffle prizes, mainly by Joe Battye where several items are decoratively wrapped in a bouquet style are very well received and we will continue to do this for future performances.

The next committee meeting is scheduled for 3rd June 2019 and if you would like the committee to discuss anything at that meeting then please email the committee directly.


Newsletter – March 2019

Following a cracking pantomime run we launch into 2019 with something for everyone. But first, a special thank you goes out to Joanne Morfitt for all the sweat, tears and effort she put into this year’s “Scarlett and the Enchanted Forest”. The audiences loved it and so did the cast. It will put us in a perfect position for next year’s extravaganza.. We’re equally grateful for Jo Battye as once again, she choreographed the kids into an amazing performance with a selection of songs and dances and a crashing big number to send the audiences home smiling.

That’s not to diminish the special efforts put in the crew headed by Neil Barham, grumbling his way through the set and shouting at people but putting on a wonderful stage for us to perform on and Jim Parkinson on sound who nearly never misses a cue. Hardly. Despite having some capable assistance this year from Matt Cooper.

The programme is on the website here

As is the short bio’s video of the cast here

 Our next performance starting on 10th April is “Deathtrap” directed by Paul Taylor. A two-act thriller that is not to be missed. Please support this production and get your tickets.

 Onwards into the summer and Paul Taylor will be directing once more. He has chosen “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me” by Frank McGuinness. The play focuses on the trials and tribulations of an Irishman, an Englishman and an American (Edward, Michael, and Adam) who are kidnapped and held hostage by unseen Arabs in Lebanon. There’s some info here. It will be playing from 10th to 13th June.

 The Trinity Juniors will be returning for a late summer show. Details are still to be finalised but it is expected to be on around 15th September 2019 and may be increased to two performances instead of just the one as last year but will still be based on voluntary contributions.

 As the nights draw in, we have invited Jane Laverack to direct “Murdered to Death” by Peter Gordon. It is a spoof of the Agatha Christie ‘whodunnit’ genre with 10 actors. Click here for more info. If we can find a local performance of this, we may organise a theatre trip. Stay tuned. The roles are below but as ever, ages, etc are flexible. It will be playing from 9th to 12th October.

1. Mildred – Late fifties. Moderately wealthy owner of Bagshot House.
2. Dorothy – Mildred’s niece. Late twenties and rather plain.
3. Bunting – The butler. Sixties. Pedantic and rather creepy.
4. Colonel Charles Craddock – Early sixties. Dresses in tweeds. Confident but blustering.
5. Margaret Craddock – The long-suffering but acerbic wife of Charles.
6. Elizabeth Hartley-Trumpington – Mid twenties. Attractive and stunningly dressed. Very high society.
7. Pierre Marceau – A french art dealer in his early thirties. An exaggerated french accent.
8. Joan Maple – A spinster in her sixties. Amateur sleuth.
9. Constable Thomkins – Young, bright uniformed village policeman.
10. Inspector Pratt – Inept, posing and clumsy.

We are still in discussion regarding next year’s pantomime but hope to announce that soon. 

As you know, we’re a forward thinking and on-the-ball committee and as such, we’ve planned into Spring 2020.  Helen Watson has kindly accepted to direct “Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of Macbeth” by David McGillivray.  This is a play along the lines of ‘the play that went wrong’ and you can find more information here.  Exact dates are yet to be announced.

AGM 2019
Another matter of note is the forthcoming AGM which we’ve set for Wednesday, 24th July.

We are accepting proposals now from members. As ever, we will not be allowing proposals at the meeting and there will be no AOB so if you have a pressing issue you would like to be discussed, then please write to the committee in advance. So far we have the following:-
1. election of secretary
2. election of all committee members – excluding officers
3. commitment requirements for players during rehearsals
4. commitment requirements for committee members
5. charges for refreshments during rehearsals
6. a change in the payment terms of the donation we give to the church for rental of the hall, etc


Newsletter – December 2018

Trinity Hall

18th December 2018

Attending: Barbara Parkinson, Zena Athorn, Dale Rivers, Jim Parkinson, Neil Barham, Graham Myers, Joe Battye

Apologies: Hazel Armitage

Spring Clean
It was decided to arrange a spring clean and general repair of the hall on a Saturday in the spring 2019

Agreed to increase credit card booking fees so that customers pay the full fee.  At the moment, it’s set at 5% to the customer while Trinity pay the other 5%. 
Increasing ‘Pay on Arrival’ tickets to incentivise online purchases was discussed but deferred.

Zena has published an article in the Chron.  A facebook programme has been designed and scheduled for automatic publication.
An e-shot has gone out on Wednesday 19th Dec via MailChimp

Rehearsal Subscriptions
It was discussed to set a charge for teas, coffees and biscuits during rehearsals and this could be put in place immediately.
It was discussed to set a weekly subscription for play participants to cover costs of costumes, general and unexpected expenses.  It was agreed to submit this to the AGM.

DVDs prices will be set to £5 with £1 going to Neil to cover costs.
Joe asked if the camera equipment was up to standard. Neil replied it was so no further expenditure required.

Raffle Prices
We agreed to have two bouquet style prizes and a pair of tickets as raffle prizes during the year.  The pairs of tickets will be set up on the ticketing system in advance

Future Performance Dates
April 10th to 13th – Deathtrap directed by Paul Taylor
July 10th to 13th – no play or director set – proposals are invited
September 7th (potentially two shows) – Trinity Juniors lead by Joe Battye
October 9th to 12th – no play or director set – proposals are invited
January 17,18,19,24,25,26th January – Pantomime Beauty and the Beast

Committee Business
An email to go out to invite 2 temporary members
Joe Battye was elected to Vice Chair
Zena was elected to the Safe Guarding role
Front of house – there are gaps in the schedule although it is largely covered
Chaperones – unsure if we have sufficient.  To be advised

Next Meeting
Tuesday 29th January 2019

Any questions, ideas, comments or otherwise are always welcome to:


Newsletter – October 2018

Trinity Hall
8th October 2018

Attending: Joe Battye, Jim Parkinson, Neil Barham, Barbara Parkinson, Graham Myers, Dale Rivers, Zena Athorn, Ruth Willerton
Guest Director: Joanne Morfitt
Apologies: Hazel Armitage

PANTO – Scarlett and the Enchanted Forest
DR-Gary and the team have offered to purchase an entire show as last year.  DR has emailed Gary to request desired date – awaiting response

RW-Still compiling waiting list to see which kids can join.  Some chaperones have been lost this year but thought doable with existing numbers

Front of House
GM-Concerns over numbers of FoH volunteers and kitchen especially kitchen duties.  Also, lack of management.  Graham will nominate a house manager in future. 

Raffle pricing is 50p per ticket – decided to make it £1 per strip instead. Agreed to purchase raffle prizes instead of asking for donations

General State of Hall
NB-Requested to board up the windows as three are in bad repairs.  Denied as unlikely the church would agree so we will patch up as best as possible

ZA-Zena will arrange a get together for Saturday 27th October to clean kitchen, spruce up the entrance hall and patch up the windows.

NB-Suggested we build a raised platform for the rear of the hall – the last three rows.  Generally accepted as a good idea but require costs

Comfort and Joy
JP-Advised taking were in excess to £2,000.

Box Office
DR-Suggested incentivising online sales instead of current position where online sales are more expensive due to the booking fee (credit card charge).  Decision deferred since Panto tickets are already on sale

Trinity Quiz
Saturday 13th Oct.  45 members signed up already.  Adults only

Bonfire Night
Peter and Jeff to host a bonfire.  Decided to contribute £100 to fireworks.

Jane Laverack has resigned.  Zena has taken over the role.  The marketing plan was sent to Zena with full authority to update and amend as necessary.  To be agreed at next committee meeting

TPB have been asked to donate to a Dyslexia cause run by Vanessa Goddard.  Agreed to donate £20

Next meeting Wednesday 7th November 2018 at 7pm at the Trinity Hall

Any questions, ideas, comments or otherwise are always welcome to:


Newsletter – August 2018

Welcome to the Newsletter! July saw the AGM which was well attended, thank you all who attended on the evening. We have noted some actions from the meeting, and more importantly some general events below, happy reading 🙂

It was decided to send an email to the mail list advising us if they wished to be removed.
Ruth is managing the GDPR aspect of child protection and safeguarding.

Constitution and Committee
A motion will be proposed for new guidelines for committee members at the next AGM. It was decided that an EGM was not required at this stage. Joe Battye heading up Trinity Juniors and Hazel Armitage heading up the news letter were welcomed onto the committee. Graham is going to take charge of procuring the library card for obtaining future play scripts etc, and some front of house. Zena is to remain as Facebook champion in liaison with Jane as marketing manager. Ruth and Bob Willerton are to oversee the social events for the club and hope to get ideas from members, please do get in touch with any suggestions. 

The recent barbecue hosted by Bob and Ruth was a success and the weather for once was perfect:

Future Plays
3rd to 6th October 2018 – Comfort and Joy – not to be missed, this has nearly been fully cast just a couple of minor parts left to be snapped up (at the time of writing).
10th to 13th April 2019- Death Trap – Paul Taylor has offered to direct and licensing is being procured.
10th to 13th July 2019 – no play selected yet, ideas are welcome.

It was agreed to purchase some communication devices such as or similar to walkie talkies to aid communication between the Lighting “tower” and the stage manager, this will aid the lighting and sound people to do what they do best and also allow them easier communication with backstage.

Trinity Juniors
Joe Battye has started a group of children who will perform a short revue style play at the Trinity in October. Rehearsal dates will be over the summer. Please contact Joe Battye or Rachael Sharpe if interested. This is an exciting new venture for Trinity and we are glad to have Jo on board facilitating the new group for the youngsters.

Christmas Party
Ruth will look into booking the Talbot Inn in Mapplewell again as last year was very well received.

Any questions, ideas, comments or otherwise are always welcome to:


Newsletter – April 2018

This terrific comedy play was very well received and produced record takings for Trinity Players. Thanks go to everyone who was involved in this great success.

Our summer production is Willie Russell’s ‘BLOOD BROTHERS’ (the play version) it will be directed by Helen Watson and performed from the 4 – 7 July 2018.The play has been cast and rehearsals start on Monday 30th April.

Our autumn production will be Mike Harding’s ‘Comfort and Joy’. Directed by Bob Willerton it will be performed from 3 – 6 October 2018. Further details will be announced later in the year.

As announced in the last newsletter Trinity Players will be staging the World Premier of a brand new pantomime in January 2019. The show will be staged on 18/19/20 & 25/26/27 January. The ‘working’ title of this excellent pantomime is SCARLET. The story follows on from where the tale of Little Red Riding Hood finishes. It has been conceived and written, and will be directed, by our very own Jo Morfitt.

Our annual Summer BBQ will be held on SUNDAY 15th July from 2.00pm ‘till 7.00pm. this year it will be happening at the home of Ruth and Bob Willerton. More details will follow in due course.

In September it is hoped that we will hold a QUIZ NIGHT (with food). We will keep you posted about this.


Newsletter – March 2018


“When We Are Married” by J. B. Priestly – April 18 – 21. This will be performed as a tribute to Bill Moss. Paul Taylor (director) says that the rehearsals are going very well.

Help is needed. Particularly a lady’s hairdresser and a make-up artist. Some members of the cast need to be made to look older and some younger! If you can hep please let Paul know as soon as possible.

Our summer production is Willie Russell’s ‘BLOOD BROTHERS’ (the play version) it will be directed by Helen Watson and performed from the 4 – 7 July 2018. Further details will be announced soon.

Our autumn production will be Mike Harding’s ‘Comfort and Joy’. Directed by Bob Willerton it will be performed from 3 – 6 October 2018. Further details will be announced later in the year.


Breaking News.
Trinity Players will be staging the World Premier of a brand new pantomime in January 2019. The ‘working’ title of this excellent pantomime is SCARLET. The story follows on from where the tale of Little Red Riding Hood finishes. It has been conceived and written, and will be directed, by our very own Jo Morfitt.


A FRONT OF HOUSE manager/ess is required. Responsibilities will include making sure all front of house volunteers are given guidance as to their roles prior to curtain-up and during the interval. The front of house manager/ess will be responsible for overseeing a team of 4 each night during plays and a team of 6 for each panto performance. Experience desired but not essential as full training can be given if required. This post can be JOB SHARE opportunity.  If this important position interests you please contact Nick Percival as soon as possible. If no one feels able to take on this fantastic opportunity then one person from the FOH volunteers for each performance will be asked to take on the responsibility for that evening’s performance.

If you would like to direct a future play, or be the assistant director to hone your skills (or even learn a new one!) please let any member of the committee know or email Dale Rivers:

If you’ve got this far, thank you for reading this newsletter.


Newsletter – January 2018

A big thank you to everyone who was involved in this year’s panto. It was absolutely superb and played to full houses almost every performance. A great job done by all.



“When We Are Married” by J. B. Priestly – April 18 – 21. This will be performed as a tribute to Bill Moss. Paul Taylor (director) has cast the play and rehearsals are now underway.

The choice of play for our summer production is yet to be decided but will be staged from 4 – 7 July 2018.

Our autumn production will be Mike Harding’s ‘Comfort and Joy’ and will be staged from 3 – 6 October 2018

Two exciting opportunities have arisen.

A FRONT OF HOUSE manager/ess is required. Responsibilities will include making sure all front of house volunteers are given guidance as to their roles prior to curtain-up and during the interval. The front of house manager/ess will be responsible for overseeing a team of 4 each night during plays and a team of 6 for each panto performance. Experience desired but not essential as full training can be given if required. This post can be JOB SHARE opportunity.  If this important position interests you please contact Dale Rivers: by the end of FEBRUARY 2018.

PANTOMIME DIRECTOR Well, does it get any better than this? What a marvellous opportunity for someone with the desire and ability to direct our Panto for 2019. The applicant needs to be enthusiastic, energetic and available for rehearsals three times a week or more when required. It is a demanding but very rewarding job (just ask Bob!).

We would love to hear from you if you would like to be considered for this important role. Please send a brief outline of your ideas and experience to Dale Rivers: By the end of FEBRUARY 2018.


Newsletter – November 2017

Your committee met on 20th November.  Present were (in no particular order): Graham Myers, Jim Parkinson, Nick Percival, Neil Barham, Dale Rivers, Zena Claire (Athorn), Jane Lavarack, Barbara Parkinson & Ruth Willerton


Rehearsals are in full swing – Oh yes they are!
Ticket sales are buoyant – Oh yes they are!
All the cast are word perfect – Oh no they’re not!
(but they will be… day)
Requests for front of house helpers and raffle prizes will be sent out very soon. 

Cinderella – as above.

When We Are Married by J. B. Priestly – April 18 – 21. This will be performed as a tribute to Bill Moss. Paul Taylor (director) says he has a sufficient number of people to be able to cast the play.

These have been made to avoid a clash with the Lamproom Theatre Company’s productions. The new dates for our productions are:

July 4 – 7 2018   and   3 – 6 October 2018

The plays for both of these are to be decided.

Tuesday 23rd January 2018 @ 7.30pm in the church hall.


Newsletter – Aug/Sept 2017

Minutes from Committee Meeting 4th September 2017

In attendance:
Apologies: Nick

1. Production Licence
The Licence for “It runs in the family” has recently been requested. In future, we will ensure that it is requested before we advertise and sell tickets for a production.

2. Dates for the Shows during this Current Year
It Runs in the Family 11th October to 14th October 2017
Pantomime 12th January to 14th January 2018
19th January to 21st January 2018
April production 18th April to 21st April 2018
July Production 11th July to 14th July 2018

3. Lamproom Week
This was discussed at length and included the fact that it had already been discussed previously as mentioned in a text by Nick. Jim produced finances for the last two “lamproom based productions” which showed surpluses of £613 and £247. It was also agreed that the take up on numbers could have been easily accommodated in Trinity.
It was agreed unanimously that we do not take up the week this year but leave it open for future years’. Chair to contact R Pearson at the lamproom.

4. Adverts for the Current Show
It was agreed that these should be placed on the 29th of September and the 6th of October 2017.

Two tickets have been donated to the Thurnscoe United fund raising raffle to help their cause and advertise our show and the Trinity Players generally.

5. Front of House Training
It was agreed that training needs to take place to include
Procedures regarding tickets and money taken at the door
Procedures regarding what to do in an Emergency, Health and Safety etc.
It was also agreed that there should be a designated House manager each evening to take the lead if a problem arises
Relevant parties will get together to lead on this project

6. Chaperones
We currently have a number of licensed chaperones and this will be enhanced over the future weeks.

7. Expenditure and projects
After some discussion, it was agreed that future projects with a high cost should be brought to the Committee for approval before commencement.

8. Insurance
Jim has received details for the Insurance renewal in the region of £261 per annum. The Insurance covers contents up to £5,000 as well as Employer and Public Liabilities.

9. Christmas Meal
Ruth and Bob have looked at a number of venues including
Strafford arms
Edmund Arms

After discussion, it was provisionally agreed that Ruth will make enquiries with the Talbot but any final decision would depend on the numbers attending and the number that could be accommodated. We did not wish for people to miss out.

10. Community Grants
Dale has received details regarding possible Community Grants. The Chair will investigate the possibility.

11. Trinity Front Cover
It was agreed that we need to carry out more work with colleagues regarding an agreed front cover before incurring expenditure on a large number of booklets.

12. Possible agenda Items for Next Meeting
Date of Next Meeting: Monday 16th of October to start at 7.30
Wakefield Theatre Involvement
Dates for next seasons productions


Newsletter – July 2017

Your committee met on 10th July 2017 at the Trinity Hall.



Dale Rivers, Graham Myers, Neil Barham, John Parker, Jim Parkinson, Barbara Parkinson, Jane Laverack and Ruth Willerton.



Nick Percival and Zena Athorn

Graham Myers was welcomed to the Committee as Chairman and informed that the position was for three years. We thought it best to keep that one quiet until it was too late for a dignified resignation.

Graham queried about the constitution – we will follow that up in further meetings.



The following have come forward to be chaperones for the Pantomime: Dale Rivers, Neil Barham, Adele Batty and Dave Batty. Further members are encouraged to apply.


‘It Runs in the Family’ Update

  • Performance dates are 11-14th October 2017
  • John Parker is director
  • Bob Willerton is supporting director as well as being in the play so he could do with some support if anyone is free and willing. See Bob for more info.
  • The Box Office is online here
  • The play is now fully cast with extra volunteers available and includes 2 new members with another interested in participating in further productions.
  • Graham Myers is also going to shadow the director with a view to directing future plays and we are encouraging further shadowing to give members a chance to direct and expand the pool of available directors.


Cinderella, The Panto

  • Performance dates are 12th to 21st January 2017 with 8 shows
  • The Box Office will be available soon
  • Ticket prices are to stay the same (£7-£6) plus 2 for 1 on the first night and a family ticket (2 adults +2 kids)
  • We will enforce a policy of no refunds as is the norm for theatre tickets although we will be flexible on a case by case basis.
  • Concerns were raised over audience/family/etc coming backstage and into the changing area.
  • Some laminated sheets are required for the new refund policy, advising that noone except cast and crew should be backstage and info on raffle ticket sales
  • It was decided that Front of House should be 4 people minimum
  • We need to see how many children are involved before inviting more. If we have too many, we may split the kids into two groups. TBC. 



  • The process for arranging and proof reading material was confirmed :-
  • All artwork and material for printing will be sent to Jane Laverack. There should be no printing without sign off from Jane as we’ve seen some typos slip through the net recently causing unnecessary cost.
  • Jane will send round the committee for proof reading and comment.
  • And then send to Neil for the banner, Dale for the website, Zena for Facebook and to the printers for posters and programmes.
  • It was decided to re-design the programme with a permanent front cover and the usual 8 page insert for the current production. Simon Anderson Funeral Directors has agreed to sponsor the printing costs.
  • In future, any sponsors should have 4 complimentary tickets and an advert in the programme.



  • A carpet has been fitted to rear of stage. More is being fitted this week to the side of the stage area.
  • Neil and Jim have investigated card transactions for processing ticket sales. It was decided to look into it for the future



Xmas Party – Bob and Ruth have volunteered to organise this. It was decided to go for a posh pub on Friday 8th or 15th December – save the date – well one of them anyway.


Date of next meeting, Monday 4th September 2017


Newsletter – June 2017

Your committee met on 9th June.  Present were (in no particular order): Paul Taylor, Jim Parkinson, Nick Percival, John Parker, Neil Barham, Ruth Willerton, & Dale Rivers, briefly, after the meeting had finished!

Apologies were received from: Jane Lavarack.


Our performance at Wakefield was well received by the audience. Congratulations go to Rozi Afferson for winning the award for Best Supporting Actress. We also received the following nominations:

Best Presentation;
Best Actress – Christine Mulrooney;
Best Actor – Michael Cutts;
Comedy Award;
Adjudicators Award.

This is a fantastic show and it is hoped it will be very well supported at the Lamproom. We need a really big push on ticket sales and we URGE EVERY MEMBER TO TRY AND SELL A MINIMUM OF TEN TICKETS TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS (OR EVEN TO ENEMIES!).

Raffle ticket sellers need to be in position by 6.30pm on their designated night.  

It would be good if we had more alcohol and chocolates to offer as prizes. If you are able to donate a suitable prize please get it to the Lamproom by Tuesday evening. Thanks.


“It Runs In The Family” by Ray Cooney.
Please remember that there will be two read-through evenings: 21st and 28th June at 7.30pm in the church hall. If you are interested in being in this production or simply fancy enjoying reading it, please come along on these two evenings.

Rehearsals will start on 12th July.

We are revisiting the enchanting story of CINDERELLA.  Oh yes we are! The show is currently undergoing a re-write so it will be fresh and up to date (he said, hopefully).

It will be staged over the weekends of January 12 – 14 and 19 – 21, 2018. Details of read throughs and rehearsals will be notified at a later date.

One of the legal commitments we, as a group, have is making sure that our safeguarding procedures are in order. To this end we need chaperones for the children. If you would be interested in registering as a chaperone please contact Ruth Willerton as soon as possible, her phone number is 01226 288599 or email:  We can never have to many chaperones.

This will be held on Wednesday 5th July at 7.30pm in the hall. Please attend this important meeting. There may even be a chance for you to join the committee, all you need is someone to nominate and second you. If enough people wish to stand there may be an election. Three current committee members (not officers) are willing to stand for a further year, They are Neil Barham, John Parker and Nick Percival. Our Chairperson, Paul Taylor, will come to the end of his three year term at this meeting. Therefore we will need to elect a Chairperson for a three year term.


We have kindly been invited to the home of Peter Horner for this year’s extravaganza.

It will be held on Saturday 1st July. It is hoped to run a mini-bus so people can have a cheeky little drink when they are there. However, a driver is needed (has to be under 70). If you would like to volunteer please have a word with Neil as soon as possible please.

Our presence on Facebook is going to be intensified thanks to Zena Athorn who will be undertaking this work. We will also have a Twitter account. Together they will raise our profile and, hopefully, increase ticket sales.

During this meeting two members of the committee ate some ‘out of date’ Maltesers. They would like you to know that they had become very chewy and probably shouldn’t have been eaten!

This will be arranged by those elected on to the committee at the AGM.