2015 September – Newsletter


Tuesday 29th September 2015
The Miners, BARNSLEY

The unexpected elopement of our multi-talented sound and lighting technician, Jim Parkinson, with the social secretary of DO-NUTS (Dodworth Over-90s Nude Trampoline Society) meant that Trinity Players’ Committee spent most of Tuesday’s meeting bouncing around in the dark. We now understand that Jim’s illogical behaviour stems from his unfortunate encounter with the narrow metal protuberance of a passing Ford Transit cargo vehicle. It seems the resultant wound became infected and resulted in temporary insanity (a condition which Jim tells us is known as Van Aerial Disease). Needless to say, Jim will be welcomed back to our ranks once that insanity has returned to a state of permanency.

Well hopefully that load of balderdash will have attracted your attention and got you into the second sentence of this newsletter. There is, however, a serious side to it as our secretary, Dale, told the meeting that some members have confided that they never read this newsletter. So what are your views? Is this newsletter unnecessary and should this 18th issue be the last? If you want it to continue, perhaps you would be kind enough to acknowledge receipt this newsletter and indicate whether you have read it? Thanking you in anticipation.

The meeting, held at the Miners’ Rest in Old Town, attracted a full complement of members: Paul Taylor (chair), Dale Rivers (Sec), Jim Parkinson (treas), Ruth Willerton (Vice), Barbara Parkinson, Joe Battye, Jane Laverack, John Parker, Neil Barham and Ian Harley. It opened with Barbara reporting the death of Mrs Doris Austin, a member of the society for many years and well remembered for her diligence in the role of prompt, attending every rehearsal.

It was agreed that a card of condolence be sent to the family on behalf of the society.


Director John Parker reported that rehearsals for SHTR were progressing well and had already reached the scripts-down stage. He thanked Neil and his team for a magnificent set constructed well ahead of schedule and Jim for his sound and lighting effects. John’s main concern is now with publicity and ticket sales.

Jim appealed for all members to help minimise box office commission payments by booking seats for the show through himself, Dale or Bob Willerton who is manning the Trinity Box Office telephone on 07510967772. Bob can also be texted on 07960459014 or emailed at bobwillerton@yahoo.co.uk

Dale announced that he intends to pay for an advertisement for the show on Facebook which, if shared by all Trinity members to all their friends, could see up to 17,000 people received details of the show. Please keep an eye on FB notifications.

Jane and Ian undertook to seek further publicity on local radio and in the Barnsley Chronicle etc.

Joe reported she is now in contact with a young woman suitably qualified for running theatre classes (production as well as performance) for children during school holidays. The hope is that such classes could lead to rehearsals for a children’s show – September being the most suitable month to capitalise on skills gained during the summer holidays. No doubt we’ll be seeking your help if things go ahead.

Consideration was given to cast members mingling with and speaking to members of audiences at the close of shows. It was decided to allow pantomime cast members to join with the audience and pose for photographs etc. should they wish to do so.

Also discussed was a suggestion to offer unsold seats at discount prices to residents of local old people’s homes, senior citizen clubs and the like. Further investigation is to follow.

Disability access – Neil was asked to look again at ways of improving access for disabled people at Trinity.

Dale reported that a production meeting had already been held for our 2016 pantomime offering, Jack And The Beanstalk, being staged at Trinity at 7pm on Fridays January 15 and 22; 4pm on Sunday, January 17. Prices are to rise from the current £6 (£5 concessions) to £6.50 (£5.50 concessions).

Director Dale would like to hear from anyone with suitable pantomime jokes or suggestions for comic interludes on home@dalerivers.com Oh yes he would!

Paul reported that committee newcomer, John, had volunteered his services for a new role as forward planner – the idea being to have a rolling programme of productions ready for staging. With that in mind he asked members wishing to direct a play to affirm or reaffirm their interest as soon as possible.

“It’s an opportune to consider forward planning,” said Paul. “While AndrewCrossland, Michael Ross, Bob Willerton and the Revd. Nick have all expressed a willingness to direct shows, no decisions has been made and a level playing field exists at present.

We want to hear what people want to put on and don’t want anyone to assume anything at this stage.”

Members are reminded that Saturday October 24th is the date of this year’s Hunters’ Moon event which will see Trinity member Peter Horner and Jeff open the doors of at 2.30pm and 6pm on Saturdays January 16 and 23 and at their beautiful Langsett home to Trinity members. If you are thinking of attending, please contact Peter.

Joe Battye announced that brochures detailing Christmas celebratory events at Dodworth’s Holiday Inn, Wortley Hall, the Talbot at Mapplewell, Tankersley Manor and the Fairway at Dodworth had been obtained but all seemed to charging £25 or more for sit-down meals followed by dancing.

Ruth suggested widening the search to look at the booking of rooms for a Trinity-only event possibly with buffet rather than sit-down meal. Shaw Lane sports centre, church halls, local clubs and the upstairs rooms of two restaurants in Barnsley town centre were among those mentioned. Joe was asked to investigate further and given power to make a booking if necessary.

Tuesday October 27th – venue to be arranged.

Comments etc. to: committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com