2015 November – Newsletter


November 2015
The Willertons, BARNSLEY

Well Rudolf, Dasher and team are dragging Christmas towards us at full speed so now’s a good time to remind you that Saturday, December 19th is the date of our first Christmas party within our Trinity home in recent years.

Social secretary Joe Battye and team are now planning a feast of music, fun and festive fayre containing quizzes, party games, a Christmas dessert bake-off and more. The event is open to Trinity members, family and friends and the doors will open at 7pm and close at 11.30.

The cost is £5 per adults and £3 for children – to be paid in advance – with the number of tickets required to be sent by email to joebattye21@gmail.com before Saturday, December 12th.  Payment can be made at any Wednesday evening or Saturday morning rehearsal.

One of the events planned is a ‘Guess the Trinity Toddler’ competition in which photographs of Trinity members – when aged around one to five – will adorn the walls. Equipped with a list of names of those featured, contestants will be asked to marry pictures and names together correctly with a small prize going to the winner. We’re therefore asking members to hand sealed envelopes containing their photograph and name to Ian Harley at any rehearsal or, alternatively, to email them to ianharley@talktalk.net ASAP….why not do it now?

Last but not least, we’d also like to hear from anyone available to help with catering and hall decoration.

1601-flyer-jackbeanstalkJACK AND THE BEANSTALK
Pantomime director Dale Rivers made two major appeals at Tuesday’s committee meeting, held at Trinity. The first is for someone to step into the role of costumier or – better still – to form a small team to ensure that all cast members have suitable costumes which fit them. Anyone able to help should make contact now.   The second appeal is for a big improvement in attendances at rehearsals some of which have seen more readers-in than cast members!!!  The children, on the other hand, have been enthusiastically attending their rehearsals and dance numbers are beginning to look good. The box office is up and running and the first tickets sold. A production team has now been joined by a set/scenery/props team and both are hard at work.

The committee agreed to fund the purchase of a cow costume if necessary. It also agreed to ask Ruth Willerton to investigate the requirements of CRB checking and her assistant director/producer husband, Bob, to investigate the hire of additional costumes if required.  Jim Parkinson, meantime, is to examine whether financial benefits would accrue from audience sale of ices as well as sweets. It was noted that it may become necessary for adult cast members to join the juniors at some Saturday rehearsals and that chaperones may be required for the children during the course of the shows.

Chairman Paul Taylor reported that three parties had expressed interest in taking out advertisements in the pantomime programme being prepared by committee secretary Dale Rivers.  It was agreed to again publicise the pantomime with an appearance by the cast, in costume, within the market area…Jane Laverack to make the relevant inquiries as well as handling printing arrangements for flyers etc.  Ian Harley will seek editorial coverage, hopefully including a photograph of the cast in costume, in the Chronicle with paid-for advertisements being placed in two issues prior to opening night.

The committee decided that the 2016 spring production should be the Mike Leigh comedy Abigail’s Party directed by Michael Rosse. The play should open at Trinity in the week beginning Monday, May 16th and will also form our entry in the Wakefield Festival which is to open on Monday May 30th . It is intended that the summer production being introduced to reflect our currently healthy membership figures should be David Tristram’s Opposite Sex. Being directed by the Rev. Nick Percival, it is to be staged at Trinity in July, shortly before the end of the school summer term. No decision has been taken, as yet, with regard to the autumn production which, it is hoped, will be staged at Barnsley’s Lamproom Theatre in October.

Tuesday December 15th at 7.30pm.  The venue to be announced later.  Comments etc. to: committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com