2017 July – Newsletter


Your committee met on 10th July 2017 at the Trinity Hall.



Dale Rivers, Graham Myers, Neil Barham, John Parker, Jim Parkinson, Barbara Parkinson, Jane Laverack and Ruth Willerton.



Nick Percival and Zena Athorn

Graham Myers was welcomed to the Committee as Chairman and informed that the position was for three years. We thought it best to keep that one quiet until it was too late for a dignified resignation.

Graham queried about the constitution – we will follow that up in further meetings.



The following have come forward to be chaperones for the Pantomime: Dale Rivers, Neil Barham, Adele Batty and Dave Batty. Further members are encouraged to apply.


‘It Runs in the Family’ Update

  • Performance dates are 11-14th October 2017
  • John Parker is director
  • Bob Willerton is supporting director as well as being in the play so he could do with some support if anyone is free and willing. See Bob for more info.
  • The Box Office is online here https://tickets.trinityplayersbarnsley.com/
  • The play is now fully cast with extra volunteers available and includes 2 new members with another interested in participating in further productions.
  • Graham Myers is also going to shadow the director with a view to directing future plays and we are encouraging further shadowing to give members a chance to direct and expand the pool of available directors.


Cinderella, The Panto

  • Performance dates are 12th to 21st January 2017 with 8 shows
  • The Box Office will be available soon
  • Ticket prices are to stay the same (£7-£6) plus 2 for 1 on the first night and a family ticket (2 adults +2 kids)
  • We will enforce a policy of no refunds as is the norm for theatre tickets although we will be flexible on a case by case basis.
  • Concerns were raised over audience/family/etc coming backstage and into the changing area.
  • Some laminated sheets are required for the new refund policy, advising that noone except cast and crew should be backstage and info on raffle ticket sales
  • It was decided that Front of House should be 4 people minimum
  • We need to see how many children are involved before inviting more. If we have too many, we may split the kids into two groups. TBC. 



  • The process for arranging and proof reading material was confirmed :-
  • All artwork and material for printing will be sent to Jane Laverack. There should be no printing without sign off from Jane as we’ve seen some typos slip through the net recently causing unnecessary cost.
  • Jane will send round the committee for proof reading and comment.
  • And then send to Neil for the banner, Dale for the website, Zena for Facebook and to the printers for posters and programmes.
  • It was decided to re-design the programme with a permanent front cover and the usual 8 page insert for the current production. Simon Anderson Funeral Directors has agreed to sponsor the printing costs.
  • In future, any sponsors should have 4 complimentary tickets and an advert in the programme.



  • A carpet has been fitted to rear of stage. More is being fitted this week to the side of the stage area.
  • Neil and Jim have investigated card transactions for processing ticket sales. It was decided to look into it for the future



Xmas Party – Bob and Ruth have volunteered to organise this. It was decided to go for a posh pub on Friday 8th or 15th December – save the date – well one of them anyway.


Date of next meeting, Monday 4th September 2017