2019 March – Newsletter


Following a cracking pantomime run we launch into 2019 with something for everyone. But first, a special thank you goes out to Joanne Morfitt for all the sweat, tears and effort she put into this year’s “Scarlett and the Enchanted Forest”. The audiences loved it and so did the cast. It will put us in a perfect position for next year’s extravaganza.. We’re equally grateful for Jo Battye as once again, she choreographed the kids into an amazing performance with a selection of songs and dances and a crashing big number to send the audiences home smiling.

That’s not to diminish the special efforts put in the crew headed by Neil Barham, grumbling his way through the set and shouting at people but putting on a wonderful stage for us to perform on and Jim Parkinson on sound who nearly never misses a cue. Hardly. Despite having some capable assistance this year from Matt Cooper.

The programme is on the website here

As is the short bio’s video of the cast here

 Our next performance starting on 10th April is “Deathtrap” directed by Paul Taylor. A two-act thriller that is not to be missed. Please support this production and get your tickets.

 Onwards into the summer and Paul Taylor will be directing once more. He has chosen “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me” by Frank McGuinness. The play focuses on the trials and tribulations of an Irishman, an Englishman and an American (Edward, Michael, and Adam) who are kidnapped and held hostage by unseen Arabs in Lebanon. There’s some info here. It will be playing from 10th to 13th June.

 The Trinity Juniors will be returning for a late summer show. Details are still to be finalised but it is expected to be on around 15th September 2019 and may be increased to two performances instead of just the one as last year but will still be based on voluntary contributions.

 As the nights draw in, we have invited Jane Laverack to direct “Murdered to Death” by Peter Gordon. It is a spoof of the Agatha Christie ‘whodunnit’ genre with 10 actors. Click here for more info. If we can find a local performance of this, we may organise a theatre trip. Stay tuned. The roles are below but as ever, ages, etc are flexible. It will be playing from 9th to 12th October.

1. Mildred – Late fifties. Moderately wealthy owner of Bagshot House.
2. Dorothy – Mildred’s niece. Late twenties and rather plain.
3. Bunting – The butler. Sixties. Pedantic and rather creepy.
4. Colonel Charles Craddock – Early sixties. Dresses in tweeds. Confident but blustering.
5. Margaret Craddock – The long-suffering but acerbic wife of Charles.
6. Elizabeth Hartley-Trumpington – Mid twenties. Attractive and stunningly dressed. Very high society.
7. Pierre Marceau – A french art dealer in his early thirties. An exaggerated french accent.
8. Joan Maple – A spinster in her sixties. Amateur sleuth.
9. Constable Thomkins – Young, bright uniformed village policeman.
10. Inspector Pratt – Inept, posing and clumsy.

We are still in discussion regarding next year’s pantomime but hope to announce that soon. 

As you know, we’re a forward thinking and on-the-ball committee and as such, we’ve planned into Spring 2020.  Helen Watson has kindly accepted to direct “Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of Macbeth” by David McGillivray.  This is a play along the lines of ‘the play that went wrong’ and you can find more information here.  Exact dates are yet to be announced.

AGM 2019
Another matter of note is the forthcoming AGM which we’ve set for Wednesday, 24th July.

We are accepting proposals now from members. As ever, we will not be allowing proposals at the meeting and there will be no AOB so if you have a pressing issue you would like to be discussed, then please write to the committee in advance. So far we have the following:-
1. election of secretary
2. election of all committee members – excluding officers
3. commitment requirements for players during rehearsals
4. commitment requirements for committee members
5. charges for refreshments during rehearsals
6. a change in the payment terms of the donation we give to the church for rental of the hall, etc