2020 June – Newsletter


Meeting Dated 16th June 2020
(Via Zoom)

In Attendance: Lorraine Dobson, Dale Rivers, Ruth Willerton, Barbara Parkinson, Len Padgett, Neil Barham, Jim Parkinson, Graham Myers, Jane Laverack

Apologies: Joe Battye

The Trinity committee met remotely and with the assistance of technology, namely Zoom.  It was a strange meeting in that one has to conduct oneself very differently over this medium but overall it went very well.

Covid-19 – Coronavirus
As lock-down restrictions are being lifted, it was felt that the committee should meet to investigate how the Trin could prepare for our reopening, address any outstanding and important issues and collaborate to release this newsletter to keep everyone up to date.

The main message is that we are very unlikely to re-open in 2020 and whilst we are working on various ideas in the meantime, the next play that we perform in a conventional way is likely to be in the Spring of 2021.  This is a rapidly moving predicament so this message could change but with the best information available, this sad decision was unanimously agreed.

Risk assessments are underway in line with government guidelines.  For instance, new seating plans, the need for more performances in order to facilitate smaller audiences, more front of house staff to assist the audience and keep them safe.  And whilst we cannot currently make any decisions on whether the Panto will go ahead next winter / spring, we have left open the possibility of a pantomime run later than usual eg March / early April.

AGM 2020
The next item on the agenda was the forthcoming Annual General Meeting which we usually host in July.  Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it will not be possible to host an AGM so it was decided to postpone it until such time as we’re in a better position.  The committee also agreed to continue in their current posts until that time or a time when we can facilitate some form of AGM.

Church and Hall Update
The church remains closed as to be expected and we are not allowed to use the hall facilities until further notice.

Future Premises
We are always interested in performing at different locations which may be desirable and indeed necessary given the Covid situation.  We have therefore decided to look at other venues which are currently being short-listed.  Bob Willerton is forming a sub-group along with Joe Battye, Neil Barham, Jim Parkinson, Jane Laverack.  I’m sure Bob would like to hear from you if you have any suggestions for venues.

The Trinity finances were discussed and we retain a healthy bank balance with few ongoing over-heads.

Bill’s Bequeathment
As you may recall, Bill Moss left a sizable amount of money to the Trin in his will.  We are looking for suggestions on how to use the £1,000 that was left.  We could invest it in the Trin or use it for a more dedicated purpose.  Please send any ideas to the committee and we will discuss it at our next meeting.

Trinity Archive
Over the past few years, Phil Johnson has been uncovering information regarding the history of The Trinity Players.  He has amassed an archive going back to 1932!  This information is currently being migrated to the Trinity Website.  There is a lot of work to do but you can nip over there now and have a look at the work in progress [click here]. The grand plan is to finish the project then launch it via a Zoom meeting with a walk-through hosted by Phil Johnson and a question and answer session.  Whilst we have not yet set a firm date, we hope to bring this to you sometime in July so keep an eye out for an announcement.  And if you have any old programmes, photos, press-cuttings, etc., please scan and send them to Phil.

With the successful streaming of our last panto, ‘Aladdin’ and the Trinity Junior’s ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ in April we have decided to stream more of our productions via our website.  If you have a preference, please let the committee know.  Also we have previously streamed on Sunday afternoons but perhaps a Monday evening would work better as the weather improves and lockdown restrictions ease. What do you think?

Next Meeting
We have not agreed another meeting date yet as it will depend on the ever-changing Coronavirus situation however we are likely to meet towards the end of the Summer.  If you have any suggestions, ideas or comments, please do not hesitate to drop us a line via email