2020 September – Newsletter


Meeting 14th September 2020
(Via Zoom)

Members present Graham Myers, Ruth Willerton, Jim Parkinson, Neil Barham, Loz Dobson, Barbara Parkinson, Jane Laverack, Len Padgett, Joe Battye (part of meeting).

Apologies Dale Rivers

The meeting started with the Chairman posing the question = What if anything can we do regarding rehearsals given the the rules set by the Synod, NODA and Government?

The discussion that followed was mainly concerned with the rehearsal of Talking Heads, directed by Paul Taylor

Jim Parkinson pointed out that the first thing we need in place is a Risk Assessment.

Graham Myers said that he would circulate to committee members a copy of a Risk Assessment ha had from another theatre. Committee members could then give feedback and our own Risk Assessment could be drawn up.

No rehearsals in the hall are to take place until the Risk Assessment is in place.

Graham said he would communicate this to Paul and that in the meantime Paul could go ahead with rehearsal via Zoom or perhaps in people’s own homes. However when the Risk Assessment is in place and if the Government’s Rule of 6 is still in place then Paul and only one other could meet at Trinity to rehearse. At the moment they would also need to socially distance and wear a face mask during the rehearsal in the hall.

Barbara said she thought the Synod would allow a visor instead of a face mask but would check.

The next question was about Performance and Audience.

Firstly we need to find out if the Synod will allow an audience in the hall.

Barbara said there is a meeting of the Synod on Tuesday 22/9/20 and she would ask. It was pointed out that certain professional theatres are being allowed to open up on a trial basis but with socially distanced audiences.

There is no clear guidance for amateur groups.

Ruth pointed out that there was a lot to take into consideration around a performance as it involved not just the actors and audience but Back Stage Crew, FOH, Kitchen and toilets.

Barbara asked what other local theatres were doing and Graham and Ruth suggested that perhaps they may do individual performances for small audiences at no charge. However nothing was likely to happen until the beginning of October.

Ruth asked if in a Trinity Newsletter it could be shared that when the COVID 19 situation improves we have plans for play readings and performances lined up. Productions still in the pipeline awaiting changed in the rules are Macbeth, Talking Heads and a Pantomime.

Trinity Juniors
It was hoped that there would be a Trinity Juniors performance online on 19th September. However as Joe had left the meeting no further details were available. Joe had been working with Matt Cooper to see if the performance was possible. Loz said she would contact Joe for further details as the link needed to go out on Facebook.

Jim informed the committee that the insurance policy was due for renewal and it was agreed that it be renewed and paid for.

Ruth is currently in possession of Phil Johnson Trinity History File which is also available for viewing on our website.

It was felt that when perhaps we are clearer about what the COVID situation is in January then we would look as to how much rent we will pay for the hall.

Next Meeting Monday 26/10/20 @7pm