Back to 1932

On October,7th, 1932, wholesome Yorkshire fare was provided for all visitors to the Farrar Street Congregational Church…in the shape of “Custard and Rhewbarb i’ Paris”. So stated the opening of the Barnsley Chronicle review of a Farrar Street Congregational Church Players production, published on Saturday 15th October 1932. Read the review here:  [Part 1]   [Part 2]  Part 3]

A whole cast photograph was published with the review. Clearly, a play outside of the established theatre’s published repertoire, provided nonetheless and evenings enjoyment and funds for the church. According to the Chronicle review, “..all gave their best to make the production a rip roaring success……they took advantage of the droll dialogue and went through with a rare spirit of assurance” Twenty two members took to the stage and it was noted that “it is to the credit of the players that they were not rendered speechless by the sheer humour of the piece”

The piece, a three act dialect sketch was written by Eleanor Reynolds about whom little is known. The plays were not published as far as can be determined, but Bill Moss remembered his father and uncle having scripts which were typewritten. One of her plays was performed in 1937 in Stocksbridge by a group. The play was “Gwynne versus Gwynne”.

That group performed two other works of Reynolds which indicates she was a popular writer in area. It may be possible that the Stocksbridge group had seen Farrar Street’s version of “Gwynne versus Gwynne” which was performed in November 1935, among the six further Reynolds plays were produced by Farrar Street Players.