First meetings and activities

Seventeen people attended the inaugural meeting at which Margaret Midgley was appointed secretary and Arthur Bowker appointed as treasurer. The new committee planned to meet to propose a programme on the 30thApril, 1973.
Committee 1973-74

Chairman Mr W I Moss
Treasurer Mr A Bowker
Secretary Mrs M Midgely

Executive Committee The above plus
Mrs B Spence
Mr J Goulding

Hall Manager Mr F Jenkinson

Publicity Manager Mr M Challenger
Business Manager Mrs S Carter
Stage Managers Mr E Cook
Mr P Bray
(And the men members to be called upon to help when necessary)

Decor Mrs E Challenger
Electrician Mr J Rapson
Rev LG Anderson
Mr A Carter

Props To be appointed each play

Social Secretary Mrs B Spence
Canteen Mrs W Carr
Mrs P Jenkinson
Miss G Stear
An annual subscription of 25p was expected off members with the concession of 15p for “pensioners and children”

On 2nd May it was requested that the National Westminster Bank on Church Street, Barnsley close the Farrar Street Congregational Church Players’ account and transfer the funds to the account of Trinity Players.

And so the ball began to roll. A play reading before an audience was arranged for the 5th June. Initially, it was hoped to perform “When We Are Married” but in the event it was “Jeremiah’s Christmas”. Admission was free but tea and biscuits could be had for 10p. (A tradition, which in pricing terms, is now reversed). It was “not very well attended, but, nevertheless, well enjoyed by both audience and cast.”

Socially too things were beginning. The home of Mr & Mrs W I Moss was the venue of cheese and wine evening on the 2nd July. Limited tickets were available at 25p each. The evening was approached “with some apprehension”. The evening turned out to be perfect. No rain, no cloud and not too much sun which for guests meant not having to “contend with runny butter, warm wine and cheese in goodness only knows what state. A pleasant evening in a delightful setting”.
“Stirrings in Sheffield on Saturday Night” at The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield was chosen as the first theatre visit. Bookings were made for 37 tickets for the 7th September 1973 with tickets at 65p each. In the end 30 attended.

Now in July 1973, the Players requested the two weeks of 25th February to 9th March 1974 for Trinity Players next full length production. Copies of full length plays had been requested. ‘Murder in Company’ a comedy thriller by Philip King and John Boland, ‘Spylarks’ by Peter Walker being two.
Trinity Players were moving along still with the aim of that full length production. Within the church, the Players took the whole of the evening services on Sunday 18th November on the theme of Travel to a very appreciative congregation. Apart for responsibility for the presentation, the Players wrote the various parts and were responsible for the music. An agreed Nativity play was to be presented during the service of Sunday 23rd December.

Meanwhile, Mr W I Moss arranged a Make Up Demonstration (“bring a towel”) and another theatre visit. This time twenty six members went to Leeds Grand Theatre, on the 8th December, to see Godspell (tickets at £1 with 45 pence for the coach).

By January 1974, the Acting Chief Fire and Ambulance Officer was asked for his advice in the plan to alter the stage lighting and his six point letter was received and acted upon no doubt in readiness for the Players first production.

“Item 2 Lighted candles should not be used on stage for purposes of decoration.
Item 6 Any temporary extensions or additions to the permanent electrical installation should be carried out by a competent electrician”