Trinity Youth Theatre 1970s

The beginnings of youth theatre within Trinity were first mentioned in letters between the church and Trinity Players. On the 23rd August, 1977 there was a request from the Minister for the Players to help the Number 2 Club (N2C) with a drama section.

At a Players committee meeting, it was decided to send the committee to talk with those interested with a view to forming a Junior Section of Trinity Players, ideally not at a N2C meeting night but before say a Players night, providing the membership is not limited to members of the N2C. At a TP general meeting, on 5th September, 1977, the committee wanted to extend interest to both N2C and N1C.

The minister was to be informed that it could not be done on ‘club’ nights but the Players would consider forming a Junior section of the Players of all interested whether members were or were not members of N2C or N1C. The letter was sent the next day to the minister.

The minister, Mr Anderson, replied that the Leaders (of the clubs) were not ready for the Players to visit as they were busy with their own re-organisation. There was no objection to the Players proceeding with their Junior Section with the support of the church. A visit would be fine in due course being understood that it “may be far better to explore your development across the whole church and beyond rather than wait for us.”

At the general meeting of the Players on November 7th, the Players began the creation of the Junior Section and the first meeting of the Junior Players was held at 7pm on Wednesday, 11th January 1978.