2017 September – Newsletter

Minutes from Committee Meeting 4th September 2017

In attendance:
Apologies: Nick

1. Production Licence
The Licence for “It runs in the family” has recently been requested. In future, we will ensure that it is requested before we advertise and sell tickets for a production.

2. Dates for the Shows during this Current Year
It Runs in the Family 11th October to 14th October 2017
Pantomime 12th January to 14th January 2018
19th January to 21st January 2018
April production 18th April to 21st April 2018
July Production 11th July to 14th July 2018

3. Lamproom Week
This was discussed at length and included the fact that it had already been discussed previously as mentioned in a text by Nick. Jim produced finances for the last two “lamproom based productions” which showed surpluses of £613 and £247. It was also agreed that the take up on numbers could have been easily accommodated in Trinity.
It was agreed unanimously that we do not take up the week this year but leave it open for future years’. Chair to contact R Pearson at the lamproom.

4. Adverts for the Current Show
It was agreed that these should be placed on the 29th of September and the 6th of October 2017.

Two tickets have been donated to the Thurnscoe United fund raising raffle to help their cause and advertise our show and the Trinity Players generally.

5. Front of House Training
It was agreed that training needs to take place to include
Procedures regarding tickets and money taken at the door
Procedures regarding what to do in an Emergency, Health and Safety etc.
It was also agreed that there should be a designated House manager each evening to take the lead if a problem arises
Relevant parties will get together to lead on this project

6. Chaperones
We currently have a number of licensed chaperones and this will be enhanced over the future weeks.

7. Expenditure and projects
After some discussion, it was agreed that future projects with a high cost should be brought to the Committee for approval before commencement.

8. Insurance
Jim has received details for the Insurance renewal in the region of £261 per annum. The Insurance covers contents up to £5,000 as well as Employer and Public Liabilities.

9. Christmas Meal
Ruth and Bob have looked at a number of venues including
Strafford arms
Edmund Arms

After discussion, it was provisionally agreed that Ruth will make enquiries with the Talbot but any final decision would depend on the numbers attending and the number that could be accommodated. We did not wish for people to miss out.

10. Community Grants
Dale has received details regarding possible Community Grants. The Chair will investigate the possibility.

11. Trinity Front Cover
It was agreed that we need to carry out more work with colleagues regarding an agreed front cover before incurring expenditure on a large number of booklets.

12. Possible agenda Items for Next Meeting
Date of Next Meeting: Monday 16th of October to start at 7.30
Wakefield Theatre Involvement
Dates for next seasons productions


2017 July – Newsletter

Your committee met on 10th July 2017 at the Trinity Hall.



Dale Rivers, Graham Myers, Neil Barham, John Parker, Jim Parkinson, Barbara Parkinson, Jane Laverack and Ruth Willerton.



Nick Percival and Zena Athorn

Graham Myers was welcomed to the Committee as Chairman and informed that the position was for three years. We thought it best to keep that one quiet until it was too late for a dignified resignation.

Graham queried about the constitution – we will follow that up in further meetings.



The following have come forward to be chaperones for the Pantomime: Dale Rivers, Neil Barham, Adele Batty and Dave Batty. Further members are encouraged to apply.


‘It Runs in the Family’ Update

  • Performance dates are 11-14th October 2017
  • John Parker is director
  • Bob Willerton is supporting director as well as being in the play so he could do with some support if anyone is free and willing. See Bob for more info.
  • The Box Office is online here
  • The play is now fully cast with extra volunteers available and includes 2 new members with another interested in participating in further productions.
  • Graham Myers is also going to shadow the director with a view to directing future plays and we are encouraging further shadowing to give members a chance to direct and expand the pool of available directors.


Cinderella, The Panto

  • Performance dates are 12th to 21st January 2017 with 8 shows
  • The Box Office will be available soon
  • Ticket prices are to stay the same (£7-£6) plus 2 for 1 on the first night and a family ticket (2 adults +2 kids)
  • We will enforce a policy of no refunds as is the norm for theatre tickets although we will be flexible on a case by case basis.
  • Concerns were raised over audience/family/etc coming backstage and into the changing area.
  • Some laminated sheets are required for the new refund policy, advising that noone except cast and crew should be backstage and info on raffle ticket sales
  • It was decided that Front of House should be 4 people minimum
  • We need to see how many children are involved before inviting more. If we have too many, we may split the kids into two groups. TBC. 



  • The process for arranging and proof reading material was confirmed :-
  • All artwork and material for printing will be sent to Jane Laverack. There should be no printing without sign off from Jane as we’ve seen some typos slip through the net recently causing unnecessary cost.
  • Jane will send round the committee for proof reading and comment.
  • And then send to Neil for the banner, Dale for the website, Zena for Facebook and to the printers for posters and programmes.
  • It was decided to re-design the programme with a permanent front cover and the usual 8 page insert for the current production. Simon Anderson Funeral Directors has agreed to sponsor the printing costs.
  • In future, any sponsors should have 4 complimentary tickets and an advert in the programme.



  • A carpet has been fitted to rear of stage. More is being fitted this week to the side of the stage area.
  • Neil and Jim have investigated card transactions for processing ticket sales. It was decided to look into it for the future



Xmas Party – Bob and Ruth have volunteered to organise this. It was decided to go for a posh pub on Friday 8th or 15th December – save the date – well one of them anyway.


Date of next meeting, Monday 4th September 2017


2017 June – Newsletter

Your committee met on 9th June.  Present were (in no particular order): Paul Taylor, Jim Parkinson, Nick Percival, John Parker, Neil Barham, Ruth Willerton, & Dale Rivers, briefly, after the meeting had finished!

Apologies were received from: Jane Lavarack.


Our performance at Wakefield was well received by the audience. Congratulations go to Rozi Afferson for winning the award for Best Supporting Actress. We also received the following nominations:

Best Presentation;
Best Actress – Christine Mulrooney;
Best Actor – Michael Cutts;
Comedy Award;
Adjudicators Award.

This is a fantastic show and it is hoped it will be very well supported at the Lamproom. We need a really big push on ticket sales and we URGE EVERY MEMBER TO TRY AND SELL A MINIMUM OF TEN TICKETS TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS (OR EVEN TO ENEMIES!).

Raffle ticket sellers need to be in position by 6.30pm on their designated night.  

It would be good if we had more alcohol and chocolates to offer as prizes. If you are able to donate a suitable prize please get it to the Lamproom by Tuesday evening. Thanks.


“It Runs In The Family” by Ray Cooney.
Please remember that there will be two read-through evenings: 21st and 28th June at 7.30pm in the church hall. If you are interested in being in this production or simply fancy enjoying reading it, please come along on these two evenings.

Rehearsals will start on 12th July.

We are revisiting the enchanting story of CINDERELLA.  Oh yes we are! The show is currently undergoing a re-write so it will be fresh and up to date (he said, hopefully).

It will be staged over the weekends of January 12 – 14 and 19 – 21, 2018. Details of read throughs and rehearsals will be notified at a later date.

One of the legal commitments we, as a group, have is making sure that our safeguarding procedures are in order. To this end we need chaperones for the children. If you would be interested in registering as a chaperone please contact Ruth Willerton as soon as possible, her phone number is 01226 288599 or email:  We can never have to many chaperones.

This will be held on Wednesday 5th July at 7.30pm in the hall. Please attend this important meeting. There may even be a chance for you to join the committee, all you need is someone to nominate and second you. If enough people wish to stand there may be an election. Three current committee members (not officers) are willing to stand for a further year, They are Neil Barham, John Parker and Nick Percival. Our Chairperson, Paul Taylor, will come to the end of his three year term at this meeting. Therefore we will need to elect a Chairperson for a three year term.


We have kindly been invited to the home of Peter Horner for this year’s extravaganza.

It will be held on Saturday 1st July. It is hoped to run a mini-bus so people can have a cheeky little drink when they are there. However, a driver is needed (has to be under 70). If you would like to volunteer please have a word with Neil as soon as possible please.

Our presence on Facebook is going to be intensified thanks to Zena Athorn who will be undertaking this work. We will also have a Twitter account. Together they will raise our profile and, hopefully, increase ticket sales.

During this meeting two members of the committee ate some ‘out of date’ Maltesers. They would like you to know that they had become very chewy and probably shouldn’t have been eaten!

This will be arranged by those elected on to the committee at the AGM.


2017 February – Newsletter

Your committee met on 27 February. Present were (in no particular order): Paul Taylor, Jim Parkinson, Nick Percival, Neil Barham, Ruth Willerton, & John Parker.
Apologies were received from: Dale Rivers, Jo Battye, Jane Lavarack.

Paul reported that this play was almost cast. Rehearsals start on Wednesday 1st March,
It will be performed at the Wakefield Drama Festival on Wednesday 31st May and at The Lamproom 14 – 17 June 2017.

It was suggested, by Bob Willerton, that we put on a ‘rehearsed reading’ of DEAD EARNEST by Mike Harding. This reading will be performed for, and by, members of Trinity Players and will form part of a social evening during the spring.

“It Runs In The Family” by Ray Cooney.
John Parker is to direct this really funny farce (his words!).
It will be staged at Trinity w/c Monday 9th October 2017.

This play has a cast of twelve. Eight males and four females with a wide age range. John pointed out that three of the ‘male’ roles could be altered and be played by females. This will give him greater flexibility when casting the play.

What! Already? I hear you ask. It has not yet been decided which pantomime we are going to do BUT the dates for the extravaganza have. Put them in your diary now, if you have one for next year, that is!
It will be staged over the weekends of January 12 – 14 and 19 – 21. An extra show on the second Sunday is being considered as ticket sales were so good for Sleeping Beauty.

In addition to the upcoming ‘rehearsed reading’ social event we have booked 20 places at the CHINA COURT restaurant in Mapplewell. We will be availing ourselves of their delicious cuisine on 31st March at 7.30. Obviously places are limited. (the ’20 places’ suggests that!)

To book your place please contact Ruth (Willerton) Her phone number is 01226 288599 or email:

Ruth needs to know the total number of attendees by 17th March at the very latest. This wondrous social event will book up very quickly. Bookings will be taken on a first come, first served basis.
(You have been warned! )

This will be held in the church hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 4th April, unless otherwise advised.


2017 January – Newsletter

Your committee met on 4th January at the Trinity Hall. Present were (in no particular order): Paul Taylor, Jim Parkinson, Dale Rivers, Nick Percival, Neil Barham & John Parker.
Apologies were received from: Ruth Willerton, Jo Battye, Jane Lavarack.

Our panto is going very well although attendance at rehearsals has sometimes been an issue. Sales figures are good but uneven across the performances.
Publicity has been done as has the front of house rota. More raffle prizes are always welcome.
Jim reported that the financial position for the panto is looking healthy.

Neil informed the meeting that the set and changing room was now built. The space in the lounge will be used by women and children whilst the men would change in the church.


Paul said that the application for Wakefield Festival has been submitted and we await acceptance.
As there will not be a play between “Sleeping Beauty” & “Lord Arthur…” Paul said there would be no need for any overlap and the proposed viewing of the LASC dvd would not take place until after the pantomime. Following that there would be opportunity for readings and auditions in February with rehearsals currently scheduled to commence in March.
The timetable below is subject to confirmation.

Wednesday 25th January After “Sleeping Beauty” a de-brief and tidy up day.
Wednesday 1st February “Open” Committee Meeting?
Wednesday 8th February View the “Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime” dvd.
Wednesday 15th February 1st reading of “LASC”.
Wednesday 22nd February 2nd reading of “LASC” – and casting.
Wednesday 1st March 1st Rehearsal for “LASC”.

LASC will be performed at The Lamproom 14 – 17 June 2017 and, subject to acceptance, at the Wakefield Drama Festival.

The date for this is expected to be w/c Monday 9th October 2017.
Plays to be considered for this slot and the future are:

“It Runs In The Family” by Ray Cooney – lots of parts & age range.
Ira Levin’s “Deathtrap “ – may be difficult to secure rights.
“Gaslight” by Patrick Hamilton – atmospheric thriller (set in sepia).
“Comfort & Joy” by Mike Harding

It was decided at the previous meeting that this play was not to be pursued for 2017 but Paul has offered to direct this around Easter time in 2018 – this also being our Spring & Wakefield offering – The decision on this will be made at a later date..

Happy New Year to you all.



2016 November – Newsletter

Your committee met on 21st November at the Trinity hall.

Present were (in no particular order): Paul Taylor, Ruth Willerton, Jim Parkinson, Dale Rivers, Nick Percival, Neil Barham, John Parker, Jane Laverack and Barbara Spence. Apologies were received from Jo Battye.

SLEEPING BEAUTY or ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Rehearsals are well under way and Bob says they are going really well (he didn’t actually use those or any other words but I thought I had better make something up!)
Jim reported that tickets are selling like the proverbial hot cakes (buns to some of you!)
Jane says publicity is well under way and this may well account for the sales figures. We are lodged with Hallam FM with Dearne FM still to be contacted. Jane said Zena’s prolific postering (a newly invented word!) deserved praise. So many have been issued we have had to order some more.
Newspaper advertisements are to go in one week before and one after Christmas.
Jane has not yet booked a space for us to go into town in costume to hand out flyers – this is to be reviewed as to whether it is necessary. Jim mentioned that we have been invited to do a similar thing at Wigfield Farm Fair on the 17th or 18th of December.
We intend to try selling ice creams during the panto as we have obtained a freezer and can get ice creams from the supplier used by The Lamproom.
Ruth tells us that all forms, signs and DBS stuff is well on the way in readiness.
Neil will construct dressing room walls as last year and has adapted three flats to take mirrors complete with lights.
Nick confirmed that the church and vestry could be used for changing ONLY but not for storage. It is envisaged the men of the cast may use the church leaving the meeting room/dressing rooms for the ladies and children.
PLEASE NOTE that children are not permitted to enter either to upstairs or downstairs kitchens due to hazards.
Ruth passed on a request from Bob to the effect that “could cast and crew, please, keep Sunday 22nd January free in case another performance was required due to good ticket sales”.

Trinity church are holding their annual Christingle service on Sunday 4 December at 10.30. If you are free why not pop along. It will be an enjoyable service and will be led by Clive Parkinson (Barbara’s husband).


As reported in our previous newsletter it was agreed that we would set the prices as the same as those of the Lamproom Theatre Company. (Currently £12 & £11) and that this play will be taken to the Wakefield Drama festival during the week commencing 29th May 2016 and then to the Lamproom from 14th – 17th June.

As there will not be a play between “Sleeping Beauty” & “Lord Arthur…” Paul said there would be no need for any overlap and the proposed viewing of the DVD of our last production of this play will take place in late January after the pantomime. Following that there would be opportunity for readings and auditions in February with rehearsals currently scheduled to commence in March.

The date for this has been recommended to be w/c Monday 9th October 2017

The committee wishes all our members and friends a very happy Christmas and peaceful new year. (I put that in on their behalf, I hope they don’t mind)

The next committee meeting will be held at Trinity on Monday 4th January 2017 at 6.30pm


2016 October – Newsletter

Your committee met on 10th October at Nick’s home. Present were:Neil Barham, Joe Battye, Jane Lavarack, John Parker, Jim Parkinson, Nick Percival, Dale Rivers, Paul Taylor & Ruth Willerton. With a special guest appearance from Bob Willerton.

Apologies were received from Barbara Parkinson.

It was reported that this play had been well received and audience numbers were up on the last two productions. This resulted in us making a fairly healthy profit.

Director, John Parker thanked the actors and offered special thanks to the very hardworking backstage crew who had done a wonderful job (we’ve come to expect nothing less and are always amazed by what they do!)

The committee thanked John for his work as director, not always an easy task, but usually carried out with a smile on his face.

The first read through will take place in Trinity’s hall on Wednesday 12th October starting at 7.30pm. The first rehearsal for children will be on Saturday 15th October at 10.30am.

There is good news and bad news. First the BAD NEWS: Bob expressed concern that some of our panto regulars were not available this time. Now the GOOD NEWS: It means that opportunities exist for others to shine in this, what promises to be, wonderful production.

Ticket prices are set at £7 (£6 for concessions) and a two for one deal on the first Friday. Groups and block booking must not use this night but a similar rate can be agreed for large parties of 10 or more.

As you may know we need trained ‘chaperones’ because we have all those very talented children in the pantos. We are pleased to report that chaperone applications are forging ahead. They should be in place for the rehearsals and performances. Those applying are: Bob Willerton, Alice Love and Ruth Willerton, Joe Battye, Graham Myers and Leanne Crossland.

A risk assessment is also being compiled and will be available soon.


It was agreed that we would set the prices as the same as those of the Lamproom Theatre Company. (Currently £12 & £11)

This play will be taken to the Wakefield Drama festival during the week commencing 29th May 2016 and then to the Lamproom from 14th – 17th JuneThe play will be directed by Paul Taylor. Auditions will take place in the new year.

There was much discussion about putting on a production in spring 2017. This will, possibly, be staged during the first week of April. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED. Wow! What a great opportunity for you to get more involved. We need suggestions from you as to what to put on, and offers to direct. It could be a full length play, a couple of one act plays or even a ‘revue’ style show with songs and sketches etc.

If you have any suggestions, or would like to offer to be the director, please tell a member of the committee as soon as possible.

Suggestions for and offers to direct our autumn play are also welcome.

An organised system for publicity has been put in place. This, it is hoped, will streamline this part of our operation.

Phil will do the artwork, Dale will add details e.g. dates & prices, Bob will proof read, it will go back to Dale for any changes required to be made and will then be passed to Jane who will organise all the printing of the publicity material.

There were plenty of ideas for publicity buzzing around… this space

The Night of the Hunters Moon on Saturday 15th October.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter this is celebrated at Langsett each year and involves a special masked fire dance. The website for the event contains the legend of its foundation following a drought and the discovery of the Red Book of Langsett with details of an ancient custom….today carried on by Mister Fox and his associates. If you like fire and dancing and an atmosphere of mystery, this is the event for you! Peter Horner says “Its now been confirmed that the dance across the res is at 8.30, so your fine to arrive before then. My post code is S36 4GY. The house is called the lodge and is next door to the Waggon and Horses pub”

Christmas events are organised. Our Christmas meal is on Friday 9th December at The Crown and Anchor, Barugh Green. If you have not yet booked your place, via Ruth, it may be possible to increase the number booked, it depends on bookings at the pub. If they cannot accommodate extra, then it would appear that you are too late.

The Ladies have a night out planned for Thursday 1st December.

Following on from the success of last year’s Christmas party in the hall we are planning a post panto party, yes, a PPP, makes a change from PPI. This will be held on Saturday 28th January 2017 and will be suitable for all ages. Details to follow.

The next committee meeting will be held at trinity on Monday 21st November at 6.30pm . Apologies for the early start but this was the one night that all present could attend because of pantomime rehearsals and other commitments.


2016 September – Newsletter

The Trinity Hall, BARNSLEY

Preparations are well under way for our next production,


Ticket sales are doing well with about 100 so far which is very good for this stage.

John (Director) explained that he needed a fresh chocolate cake every night and his local cafe had volunteered to supply them. It was agreed to provide 2 complimentary tickets and place an ad in the programme.

It is a great who-done-it and deserves a huge audience. Enough people have volunteered for front of house duties and the rota has already been circulated.

You erstwhile and hard working committee met on 15th September.

Attending: Dale Rivers, Paul Taylor, Neil Barham, Nick Percival, Jane Laverack, Jim Parkinson, Ruth Willerton, John Parker
Apologies from Joe Battye and Barbara Parkinson

Our finances are fairly healthy and Jim reported NODA insurance £213.76 for insurance up to £5,000 (property) and £5million public liability Jim said he would check we have enough cover for all of our members as this may be out of date.

Ruth reported that she is pursuing those members who have not yet paid their subs for the year. If you are one of them, be warned. Ruth’s bite is far worse than her bark, just ask Bob!
The committee next meet on Monday 10 Oct at 7.30pm at Nick’s abode: 19 Longdale Croft, Monk Bretton, S71 2QT


The steering group for Sleeping Beauty have already met and agreed a first meeting to be held at the Trinity Hall on 12th October
T he dates are set at January 13th (7pm), 14th (2pm & 6pm), 15th (2pm), 20th (7pm) and 21st (2pm & 6PM)
Ticket prices are set at £7 (£6 for concessions) and a two for one deal on the first Friday
Groups and block booking must not use this night but a similar rate can be agreed for large parties of 10 or more.

As you may know we need trained ‘chaperones’ because we have all those very talented children in the pantos.  Bob Willerton, Aliice Love and Ruth Willerton are currently going through the process as are Graham Myers and Leanne Crossland. All matters hoped to be concluded prior to the panto.


The Night of the Hunters Moon on Saturday 15th October.

It is celebrated at Langsett each year and involves a special masked fire dance. The website for the event contains the legend of its foundation following a drought and the discovery of the Red Book of Langsett with details of an ancient custom….today carried on by Mister Fox and his associates. If you like fire and dancing and an atmosphere of mystery, this is the event for you! For more details please contact Peter Horner.

Christmas is fast approaching. It is hoped to hold a party similar to the one held in the hall last year. It is also hoped that a meal out can be arranged and the ladies are planning a ‘girls night out’. Information about these great events will be circulated in due course.


2016 May – Newsletter

The Trinity Hall, BARNSLEY

This issue contains news that Trinity Players is now moving to a new financial year of July to June. It also contains information about a surprise social event, or two, and the all-important date of the annual general meeting at which you have the chance to voice support of your leadership or inviting members to take a break…so please read on!

In essence, it looks at the deliberations of the committee meeting held at Trinity at 7.30pm on Tuesday May 3rd and attended by Paul Taylor (chairman); Ruth Willerton (Vice); Jim Parkinson (Treas); John Parker, Neil Barham and Ian Harley. Apologies were received from Jane Laverack, Joe Battye, Barbara Parkinson and Dale Rivers (Sec).

Paul Taylor reported that everything was going swimmingly with regards to rehearsals, set construction and decoration.

In fact the only cause for concern is tickets sales which was perhaps surprising with this Mike Leigh comedy being so popular.

Ian Harley reported that he had been in contact with t’Chronicle which had promised a photographer for the dress rehearsal on Monday May 9th. It was hoped that the picture and accompanying words would appear in the issue. Ruth Willerton said paid-for advertisements in the Chronicle are to of Friday May 13th appear before that date. Further discussion centred around the provision of posters and flyers.

Ian also reported that the appeal for front-of-house volunteers had been exceptionally well received and four volunteers were now in place for each of the shows.

While the appeal for raffle prizes had not been quite so successful, we were currently in the fortunate position of being able to draw on a surplus remaining from the pantomime.

John Parker reported that another read-through of our summer play, Opposite Sex, was to take place the following evening. While he had yet to cast the play, director the Rev. Nick Percival is happy that sufficient numbers had come forward for him to be able to do so. The play, a comedy with a cast of five, is to open its four-night run at Trinity on Wednesday July 13th

The committee recommended that, in order not to impinge on January’s pantomime, our Autumn play ‘A Murder Is Announced’ should be staged at Trinity from Wednesday October 15th to Saturday 18th

Director John Parker said the interest in the parts available had been great from the outset. In its stage-play version, this Agatha Christie whodunnit has parts for seven women and five men of mixed ages. Of the 12, ten are reasonably sized. Dale, he added, has already agreed to be the producer.

Ruth Willerton reported that husband Bob had expressed his willingness to take again take over the directorial baton in the pantomime stakes should Dale decide to rest on his laurels. Bob has already been looking at two scripts available from Penistone – Sinbad and Sleeping Beauty. The latter is the current favourite as it has roles for four fairies which seem tailor-made for some Trinity Players’ lady members. He had also been in consultation with Esther Dyson with regard to her offer of editing a script to match our current strengths.

Ian reported that Trinity member Christine Mulrooney has already written three or four pantomimes (at least one previously staged in the south of England) which may be well worth consideration for staging.

Arrangements are now being made to retype and update with himself and Anne Prew helping out. Using them to start of TP library would seem to fit with the suggestion of Hugh Jones at the recent ‘Open Meeting.’

After hearing a verbal financial report from treasurer Jim, the committee decided to recommend that Trinity Players’ financial year should now run from July of one year to June of the following year. The change is deemed necessary because of the decision to increase the number of productions each year from three to four and will give the treasurer time to prepare and present the figures following the spring show.

In an email to committee members, social secretary Joe Battye wondered whether some Trinity members – particularly those in the Huddersfield Road, Old Town and Wilthorpe areas – may be interested in attending a garden party being staged to celebrate HM the Queen’s 90th birthday? The event is being held in a small woodland area at Swift Street. Tickets are free but places are limited and would need to be booked. It is hoped the event will feature free cream tea and pimms together with live music and other entertainment. Anyone interested should contact Joe ASAP.

Chairman Paul announced that Trinity members are invited to a house-warming party being held at his new home – 41, Western Street, Barnsley, on Sunday, May 15th. The party is to start following a rehearsal for

Abigail’s Party so will have a start-time of around 5pm and an estimated finish time fairly close to 8pm. Some food and drink will be available but guests are asked to bring a bottle. Paul also asks that those hoping to attend let him know so he has an idea of numbers and that all drivers should park their vehicles in Hopwood Street or in the doctors’ surgery adjacent to his former home as parking in Western Street is severely limited.

Last but not least, members are reminded that this year’s ‘Midsummer Mayhem BBQ’ has moved from Peter and Jeff’s highland home at Langsett to Ruth and Bob’s lowland home in Regent Gardens, off Huddersfield Road.

The date is Saturday July 2nd and the start-time is 2pm and people are advised to arrive early to fully appreciate the shine that Bob has achieved through weeks of fettling the barbecues. Needless to say, there’ll be games and quizzes as well as well as Bob’s alfresco delights. Make sure it’s in your diary now!

Thursday, June 9th at Trinity.

Wednesday July 20th at 7.30pm at Trinity.
Please note, this is your big opportunity to express your views about what’s right and what’s wrong with our society at present so please place it in your diary and try to keep the evening free.
Comments etc. to:


2016 April – Newsletter

The Miners Arms, BARNSLEY

Hi Everyone,

The best news of the period is that Trinity Players’ stalwart and committee member, Barbara Parkinson, is making good progress following her knee replacement surgery and is looking forward to treading the boards with us again in the near future.

Barbara received flowers and a card, sent by the committee, at her Dodworth home and reported that she was delighted with her treatment at BDGH. She was home in two days and now – four weeks on – is able to get about the house without crutch or walking stick. She has had a lot of difficulty in sleeping and faces challenging physiotherapy and exercise sessions but, thanks to husband Clive’s dedicated nursing, is confident of taking it all ‘in her stride’.

Barbara is delighted that the play proposed for staging in the Autumn is the Agatha Christie whodunnit ‘A Murder Is Announced’. The play is known to both her and Clive and has a large cast so Barbara is more than hopeful of securing a challenging role.

The April 8th meeting, held at the Miners’ Rest, Old Town, was chaired by Paul Taylor and attended by secretary Dale Rivers, treasurer Jim Parkinson, Ruth Willerton (vice) and John Parker, Neil Barham, Ian Harley and Jane Laverack with apologies received from Joe Battye as well as Barbara.

They heard that last month’s appeals for a musical director/pianist and costume supremo had achieved rather limited success although Jane was hopeful of recruiting a long and valued friend as piano accompanist and Dale similarly hopes to gain the services of a sewing teacher for special projects. Ruth and Jane expressed their satisfaction with Neil’s work in creating a costume room and said they intend to start work on a costume inventory in the near future with the help of Lynne Almand. The committee decided that both appeals, stressing the social delights of working with the group, should be repeated in this newsletter. And at Neil’s suggestion, it was also agreed to make the opportunities known to volunteer section of the local ‘Love Where You Live’ newsletter.

In the absence of director, Mike Rosse, Paul Taylor reported that rehearsals for the Mike Leigh comedy, Abigail’s Party, are progressing favourably despite holiday absences and Mike’s recent illness. And anyone attending Wednesday evening rehearsals club night could not help but be impressed with the transformation of the stage into a suburban garden. With posters and flyers already available and further radio and newspaper publicity planned, the main task now is the sale of tickets and, for that, we rely heavily on our members.

Remember, the show opens at Trinity on Wednesday May 18th and runs until Saturday the 21st.. Anyone away for those dates, however, has the chance to see Alice Willerton, Sally Moxon, Callum Clarke, Joe Battye and Paul Taylor in action on the big stage of Wakefield’s Theatre Royal and Opera House on Wednesday, June 1s

The committee recommended that Opposite Sex, the comedy being directed by the Rev. Nick Percival as our newly-introduced summer-slot production should be staged at Trinity from Wednesday July 13th to Saturday, July 16th. While the four-strong cast has yet to be announced, read-throughs were fairly well attended providing Nick with some interesting options. His task now looks easier as Jane Laverack has volunteered her services as producer.

Considerable discussion followed on the choice of the Autumn production with John Parker presenting four large-cast alternatives following selection suggestions from Bob Willerton. The four were the Ray Cooney farce It Runs In The Family; the Christmas-flavoured Mike Harding comedy Comfort and Joy; Agatha Christie’s A Murder Is Announced and the Derek Webb spoof whodunnit, Murder At The Vicarage Hall. As mentioned earlier, Agatha Christie’s A Murder Is Announced – her first play to be televised back in 1956 with Gracie Fields and a youthful Roger Moore taking prominent roles – gained the committee’s recommendation.

Paul Taylor reported that while Andrew Crossland has already volunteered to direct our Autumn production, the fact that AMIA has two prominent parts for young men may mean that he chooses to join the cast himself. Should that be the case, both Bob Willerton and John Parker have intimated their willingness to take the director’s chair. The Autumn show is to be staged at Trinity in early to mid October.

Further discussion took place with regards forward-planning and the possibility of offering our audiences a Trinity season ticket at a reduced rate. It was also decided to approach the Lamproom Theatre with a view to obtaining possible dates for staging a production there.

Ruth announced that she was continuing to examine all the necessary requirements for running a junior section/summer stage school. Unfortunately Joe Battye was experiencing a busy time as work in addition to being busy with rehearsals for Abigail’s Party.

Neil reported that completion of the costume room would be followed by the creation of shelves in the basement for the storage of all items unlikely to be affected by the damp atmosphere. The committee authorised expenditure up to a maximum of £150.

Peter Horner has informed us that Saturday, April 23rd is the date that he and Jeff are offering their superbly-appointed Langsett home for the screening of last year’s award-winning Whose Life Is It Anyway? The screening is being combined with a takeaway Indian or Chinese meal. Start time is 7pm and some lager is ready to be consumed. Anyone requiring something more exotic should bring their own. Needless to say, Peter is asking all those hoping to attend to give notification ASAP.

The date of Trinity Players’ now traditional ‘midsummer madness’ event is Saturday July 2nd and the venue is the garden of Bob and Ruth Willerton’s home in Regent Gardens, Barnsley. Anyone able to help with site preparation, food provision, games and entertainment etc. should make themselves known now.

Tuesday May 3rd 7.30pm at Trinity
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2016 March – Newsletter

Trinity Church, BARNSLEY

Hi Everyone,

Last night’s ‘open’ committee meeting resulted in two appeals being made to our members…both aimed at gaining specialised help. The first is for a musical director and/or piano/keyboard accompanist while the second is a repeat appeal for a costume/wardrobe supremo or supervisory team.

In neither case do our targets have to be members of Trinity Players. The recent growth in voluntary organisations and charities reveal that many people are anxious to spend their leisure time in a rewarding and public-spirited way often with no desire for remuneration. We’re asking you, therefore, if you know family members, friends, neighbours or colleagues who might be persuaded to provide such specialist help as we step up our activities to stage four shows a year and set up a junior section which may stage its own shows – possibly musicals – in the future.

Of course, it would help, if you could sound out such talented people and convince them of the joys of TP membership before submitting their name to our charm offensive team tasked with recruiting talented volunteers. If your approach is not met swiftly with unparliamentary language, then the next step is to contact any committee member with his or her details. We look forward to hearing from you.

The meeting, held at Trinity, saw our chairman, Paul Taylor, accept apologies from Rev. Nick Percival; Barbara Parkinson, Anne Prew, Joe Battye and Alice Willerton. Committee members Dale Rivers (Sec); Jim Parkinson (Treas); Ruth Willerton (Vice); Ian Harley, Neil Barham, John Parker, Jane Laverack were joined by members: Phil Johnson, Lynne Almond, Bob Willerton, Andrew Crossland, Michael Ross and Gabor Temleitner.

Jim Parkinson gave details of our current financial position adding that payment to the church for the use of the hall for the pantomime shows in January was paid in good time and cashed on February 11th. The success of the pantomime meant that we are already in credit from the beginning of the financial year. It has also been possible to pay the rites of our next production, Abigail’s Party.

Paul reported that his hopes of engaging a ceilidh band for an event combining a TP social evening with his 60th birthday party on March 19th had, unfortunately, been dashed. His birthday is now officially “postponed” until further notice.

Neil reported that Peter Horner and Jeff were still offering their Langsett home as the venue for the screening of his recording of TP’s award-winning drama Whose Life Is It Anyway? The expected date is Saturday April 23rd

Ruth reported that Saturday July 2nd is still the planned date of the Trinity Players traditional ‘midsummer mayhem’ event being staged this year at the Willerton home in Regent Gardens, off Huddersfield Road, Barnsley. The event may – just may – take the form of a barbecue!

1605-web-abigails-partyDirector Michael reported that both he and the cast are enjoying rehearsals for Abigail’s party which will be our entry in this year’s Wakefield Festival on Wednesday June 1st after completing its May 18th-21st run at Trinity. While rehearsals are currently taking place on Mondays and Wednesdays, some dates may be lost as a result of holidays booked by cast members.

Set construction is also well advanced with painting likely to start next week. Mike’s appeal for the loan of a patio table and two chairs resulted in a prompt offer of help from the chairman. Also required is a quantity of realistic-looking artificial flowers together with troughs or planters to contain them. Can anyone help on that score?

Jane Laverack reported that publicity for the show – hopefully including an item in the Chronicle as well as two advertisements – is in hand as is the printing of posters and flyers.

John Parker announced that Rev. Nick had confirmed he was prepared to direct the comedy ‘Opposite Sex’ for staging at Trinity in July. Emails giving details about the parts and the characters to be portrayed are to go out in the near future.

Andrew Crossland confirmed that he had volunteered to direct this year’s Autumn show to be staged from early to mid October. The choice of play was now being discussed. Andrew said he would be pleased to hear suggestions from anyone with knowledge of plays suiting TP’s current strengths.

Jane Laverack was thanked for her work in the purchase of identity badges to be worn by front-of-house and production-team personnel during shows.

General discussion took place on a number of items including:

1… Bob Willerton’s thoughts on this year’s Penistone pantomime and our choice of pantomime for next year (Sleeping Beauty and Sinbad The Sailor being current favourites) and also future productions on the drama front. Bob also raised the possibility of taking future productions out on tour for one-night shows at church halls and community halls in the Barnsley area. Plays being put forward by Bob for consideration include: ‘Comfort And Joy’ and a revised (hopefully) version of Forever Young written by our former chairman John Slater.

2 – The dangers of running two shows with large casts consecutively. Dale Rivers said the decision to follows Abigail’s Party, a play with a relatively small cast, with another play with a small cast (Opposite Sex) meant that the Autumn show was likely to have a big cast with that show being followed by the big-casted pantomime. In future, it might be better for plays with large and small casts to follow each other alternately.

3 – Wardrobe Room. Neil reported that work had started on converting the former male changing room into a wardrobe room, complete with table and electric sewing machine.

4 – Youth Theatre. Discussion took place on the type of shows that could be staged by (or with the help of) the youth section now being introduced and, hopefully, fully operational by the school summer holidays. Among titles mentioned with The Chronicles of Narnia and Bugsy Malone.

5 – Pantomime Script. Hugh Jones proposed a motion which was passed without dissent saying it was “desirable” to have an original script for next year’s pantomime. Dale added that Esther Dyson had expressed her willingness to edit such a script on several occasions. Hugh went on to extol the advantages of having in-house musical directors or accompanist and wardrobe supervisors.

Date and Venue to be arranged.
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2015 December – Newsletter

December 2015

This newsletter differs from most of its predecessors as it’s not a report of a committee meeting.. That doesn’t mean to say that there hasn’t been a meeting…there has! Under the chairmanship of Paul Taylor, members spent Tuesday December 8th laboriously considering the requirements and pitfalls of establishing our junior wing and some of the decisions made have already been implemented.  Those attending rehearsals may now notice that should sign in on arrival and that several areas of Trinity are now out of bounds to young people to comply with health and safety requirements.

But don’t be afraid, this newsletter is not going to bore you with the details of the requirements. It is, in fact, going to start with some important dates for the diary. The first is this Saturday, December 19th when 7pm is the start of Trinity Players’ first Christmas party in recent years if, indeed, not its first ever. Open to members, their family and friends, it’s being held at our Trinity home and will feature all manner of fun, games and festive fayre. Already lined up is a Trinity Tots Identity competition, Christmas and music quizzes and there’s also a pinatta for the children, a giant Connect 4 and a Jenga on offer.

And if you have something amusing or entertaining to offer, the floor could be yours! Just contact our organisational team of Joe Battye and Ruth Willerton. The cost is £5 for adults, who are asked to bring their own drinks, and £3 for children. The difficulty is that the money is required immediately to cover the cost of catering etc. However, a phone call to myself, promising to pay up on arrival should ensure that you don’t miss out.

At the time of writing, there is just one rehearsal remaining for Act two and two dance sessions before the first of two full runs on Monday, January 4th . Saturday, January 9th will then see the start of a busy week with the final dance session that day followed by the technical rehearsal on Monday the 13th and the final full run on Wednesday, January 11th . Will all cast members note that we intend to invite the Chronicle to take a photograph at the first full run on Monday January 4th so we would appreciate everyone being PRESENT AND IN COSTUME BY 7.15pm. Similarly, some members of the cast may be asked to visit Barnsley town centre on Saturday, December 9th to hand out promotional leaflets. Those wishing to take part are asked to contact Jane Laverack in the first instance.

With this pantomime having such a large cast and volunteers being required backstage to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our 12 junior members, this is the production which will tax our ability to provide front-of-house cover to the limit. We are therefore asking you all to consider whether you can help us ensure the safety and comfort of our audiences and, of course, be prepared to serve them with refreshments. And if you can’t help, I’m hoping that you might prevail on your husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, neighbour or partner to help us? All we ask is that you study the dates and times of the performances and inform me which shows you or yours can help. My email address is or you can text me on 077 8085 8078. I look forward to hearing from you!

Last but not least, our backstage wizard – alias Neil – says he is still in the market for help with set painting and construction etc. so if you want to work off some of that festive flab…he’s your man!

Have a gud’un!
Ian Harley pp the Committee.


2015 November – Newsletter

November 2015
The Willertons, BARNSLEY

Well Rudolf, Dasher and team are dragging Christmas towards us at full speed so now’s a good time to remind you that Saturday, December 19th is the date of our first Christmas party within our Trinity home in recent years.

Social secretary Joe Battye and team are now planning a feast of music, fun and festive fayre containing quizzes, party games, a Christmas dessert bake-off and more. The event is open to Trinity members, family and friends and the doors will open at 7pm and close at 11.30.

The cost is £5 per adults and £3 for children – to be paid in advance – with the number of tickets required to be sent by email to before Saturday, December 12th.  Payment can be made at any Wednesday evening or Saturday morning rehearsal.

One of the events planned is a ‘Guess the Trinity Toddler’ competition in which photographs of Trinity members – when aged around one to five – will adorn the walls. Equipped with a list of names of those featured, contestants will be asked to marry pictures and names together correctly with a small prize going to the winner. We’re therefore asking members to hand sealed envelopes containing their photograph and name to Ian Harley at any rehearsal or, alternatively, to email them to ASAP….why not do it now?

Last but not least, we’d also like to hear from anyone available to help with catering and hall decoration.

1601-flyer-jackbeanstalkJACK AND THE BEANSTALK
Pantomime director Dale Rivers made two major appeals at Tuesday’s committee meeting, held at Trinity. The first is for someone to step into the role of costumier or – better still – to form a small team to ensure that all cast members have suitable costumes which fit them. Anyone able to help should make contact now.   The second appeal is for a big improvement in attendances at rehearsals some of which have seen more readers-in than cast members!!!  The children, on the other hand, have been enthusiastically attending their rehearsals and dance numbers are beginning to look good. The box office is up and running and the first tickets sold. A production team has now been joined by a set/scenery/props team and both are hard at work.

The committee agreed to fund the purchase of a cow costume if necessary. It also agreed to ask Ruth Willerton to investigate the requirements of CRB checking and her assistant director/producer husband, Bob, to investigate the hire of additional costumes if required.  Jim Parkinson, meantime, is to examine whether financial benefits would accrue from audience sale of ices as well as sweets. It was noted that it may become necessary for adult cast members to join the juniors at some Saturday rehearsals and that chaperones may be required for the children during the course of the shows.

Chairman Paul Taylor reported that three parties had expressed interest in taking out advertisements in the pantomime programme being prepared by committee secretary Dale Rivers.  It was agreed to again publicise the pantomime with an appearance by the cast, in costume, within the market area…Jane Laverack to make the relevant inquiries as well as handling printing arrangements for flyers etc.  Ian Harley will seek editorial coverage, hopefully including a photograph of the cast in costume, in the Chronicle with paid-for advertisements being placed in two issues prior to opening night.

The committee decided that the 2016 spring production should be the Mike Leigh comedy Abigail’s Party directed by Michael Rosse. The play should open at Trinity in the week beginning Monday, May 16th and will also form our entry in the Wakefield Festival which is to open on Monday May 30th . It is intended that the summer production being introduced to reflect our currently healthy membership figures should be David Tristram’s Opposite Sex. Being directed by the Rev. Nick Percival, it is to be staged at Trinity in July, shortly before the end of the school summer term. No decision has been taken, as yet, with regard to the autumn production which, it is hoped, will be staged at Barnsley’s Lamproom Theatre in October.

Tuesday December 15th at 7.30pm.  The venue to be announced later.  Comments etc. to:


2015 October – Newsletter

Tuesday 27th October 2015
The Willertons, BARNSLEY

Hi All,

And now for something completely different!….Last month’s meeting of Trinity Players’ committee decided to stage a very different Christmas celebration this year.

Instead of the usual formal meal, they have decided to stage a festive feast of fun, fayre and frivolity with a party held at our own Crookes Street home. So please get your diaries out and note that the date will be Saturday, December 19th; the charge will be £5 a head and members are invited to bring family members and/or close friends with them to join the merriment.

While music and fun will be the order of the evening, there will also be a quiz and the opportunity for attendees to entertain in a variety of ways. So if you’d like to perform your party piece or have other ways of keeping us entertained, please contact social secretary Joe Battye or any committee member. The same goes for anyone able to help with the catering and hall decoration.

The decision to go for an informal party was taken by Paul Taylor (chairman); secretary Dale Rivers, treasurer Jim Parkinson, and colleagues: Ruth Willerton, Neil Barham, John Parker and Joe Battye at the meeting, held at the Willerton home. (Apologies being received from Barbara Parkinson, Jane Laverack and Ian Harley). It followed consideration of festive fayre on offer at various locations including the Dodworth’s Holiday Inn and The Fairway, Wortley Hall, Barnsley FC, Shaw Lane Sports Centre and The Talbot at Mapplewell.

Dale Rivers, taking over in the hot seat following six years of Bob Willerton direction, announced that rehearsals are now under way for our 2016 pantomime production, Jack and the Beanstalk.

The show is being staged at Trinity Hall at 7pm on Fridays January 15 and 22, at 2.30pm and 6pm on Saturdays January 16 and 23, and at 4pm on Sunday, January 17. Two deals will be in place to offset the increase in admission prices. The first is a family ticket for two adults and two children being on offer at £20while the second is a two-for-one offer on tickets forthe opening Friday. Those making bookings, however, will have to fund credit card charges.

Dale reported that his appeal for performers to register their interest resulted in a good response. An increased number of children are now showcasing their dancing talents under the watchful eye of choreographer Joe Battye on Saturday mornings.

Flyers are being printed and Neil has recruited Malcolm Afferson, John Ryal, Phil Johnson and Ian Harley to his production team not to mention Bob Willerton as his right-hand man.

Last but not least, Jim Parkinson is already making great headway on music and lights.

Director John Parker congratulated everyone on a great performance adding that audiences had shown appreciation of the new carpet.

Treasurer Jim reported that the show had made a nett profit in the region of £678.

The meeting decided that pantomime casts should be encouraged to mingle with audiences, greet friends and pose for photographs with children etc. at the end of performances. For plays, however, that role should be undertaken only by front-of-house staff as part of their standard duties.

FoH staff will also be asked, at future performances, to record walk-ins on the seating plan and hand the sheet in together with the takings.

Members decided to keep the newsletter after each meeting and in its current format.

The schedule was agreed but is yet to be ratified. Suggestions discussed include:

1) Abigail’s Party (Mike Leigh)
2) Opposite Sex (David Tristram)
3) Murder is Announced (Agatha Christie)
4) Gaslight (Patrick Hamilton)
5) Walter Ego (Our own Andrew Crossland)
6) Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime (Oscar Wilde)

It was decided to take the Autumn 2016 production to the Lamproom.

Joe Battye produced some ideas and will come up with a firm plan.

There is a lot of backing for this project and volunteers will be required. Please make your availability known.

November 24th. Venue to be arranged.
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2015 September – Newsletter

Tuesday 29th September 2015
The Miners, BARNSLEY

The unexpected elopement of our multi-talented sound and lighting technician, Jim Parkinson, with the social secretary of DO-NUTS (Dodworth Over-90s Nude Trampoline Society) meant that Trinity Players’ Committee spent most of Tuesday’s meeting bouncing around in the dark. We now understand that Jim’s illogical behaviour stems from his unfortunate encounter with the narrow metal protuberance of a passing Ford Transit cargo vehicle. It seems the resultant wound became infected and resulted in temporary insanity (a condition which Jim tells us is known as Van Aerial Disease). Needless to say, Jim will be welcomed back to our ranks once that insanity has returned to a state of permanency.

Well hopefully that load of balderdash will have attracted your attention and got you into the second sentence of this newsletter. There is, however, a serious side to it as our secretary, Dale, told the meeting that some members have confided that they never read this newsletter. So what are your views? Is this newsletter unnecessary and should this 18th issue be the last? If you want it to continue, perhaps you would be kind enough to acknowledge receipt this newsletter and indicate whether you have read it? Thanking you in anticipation.

The meeting, held at the Miners’ Rest in Old Town, attracted a full complement of members: Paul Taylor (chair), Dale Rivers (Sec), Jim Parkinson (treas), Ruth Willerton (Vice), Barbara Parkinson, Joe Battye, Jane Laverack, John Parker, Neil Barham and Ian Harley. It opened with Barbara reporting the death of Mrs Doris Austin, a member of the society for many years and well remembered for her diligence in the role of prompt, attending every rehearsal.

It was agreed that a card of condolence be sent to the family on behalf of the society.


Director John Parker reported that rehearsals for SHTR were progressing well and had already reached the scripts-down stage. He thanked Neil and his team for a magnificent set constructed well ahead of schedule and Jim for his sound and lighting effects. John’s main concern is now with publicity and ticket sales.

Jim appealed for all members to help minimise box office commission payments by booking seats for the show through himself, Dale or Bob Willerton who is manning the Trinity Box Office telephone on 07510967772. Bob can also be texted on 07960459014 or emailed at

Dale announced that he intends to pay for an advertisement for the show on Facebook which, if shared by all Trinity members to all their friends, could see up to 17,000 people received details of the show. Please keep an eye on FB notifications.

Jane and Ian undertook to seek further publicity on local radio and in the Barnsley Chronicle etc.

Joe reported she is now in contact with a young woman suitably qualified for running theatre classes (production as well as performance) for children during school holidays. The hope is that such classes could lead to rehearsals for a children’s show – September being the most suitable month to capitalise on skills gained during the summer holidays. No doubt we’ll be seeking your help if things go ahead.

Consideration was given to cast members mingling with and speaking to members of audiences at the close of shows. It was decided to allow pantomime cast members to join with the audience and pose for photographs etc. should they wish to do so.

Also discussed was a suggestion to offer unsold seats at discount prices to residents of local old people’s homes, senior citizen clubs and the like. Further investigation is to follow.

Disability access – Neil was asked to look again at ways of improving access for disabled people at Trinity.

Dale reported that a production meeting had already been held for our 2016 pantomime offering, Jack And The Beanstalk, being staged at Trinity at 7pm on Fridays January 15 and 22; 4pm on Sunday, January 17. Prices are to rise from the current £6 (£5 concessions) to £6.50 (£5.50 concessions).

Director Dale would like to hear from anyone with suitable pantomime jokes or suggestions for comic interludes on Oh yes he would!

Paul reported that committee newcomer, John, had volunteered his services for a new role as forward planner – the idea being to have a rolling programme of productions ready for staging. With that in mind he asked members wishing to direct a play to affirm or reaffirm their interest as soon as possible.

“It’s an opportune to consider forward planning,” said Paul. “While AndrewCrossland, Michael Ross, Bob Willerton and the Revd. Nick have all expressed a willingness to direct shows, no decisions has been made and a level playing field exists at present.

We want to hear what people want to put on and don’t want anyone to assume anything at this stage.”

Members are reminded that Saturday October 24th is the date of this year’s Hunters’ Moon event which will see Trinity member Peter Horner and Jeff open the doors of at 2.30pm and 6pm on Saturdays January 16 and 23 and at their beautiful Langsett home to Trinity members. If you are thinking of attending, please contact Peter.

Joe Battye announced that brochures detailing Christmas celebratory events at Dodworth’s Holiday Inn, Wortley Hall, the Talbot at Mapplewell, Tankersley Manor and the Fairway at Dodworth had been obtained but all seemed to charging £25 or more for sit-down meals followed by dancing.

Ruth suggested widening the search to look at the booking of rooms for a Trinity-only event possibly with buffet rather than sit-down meal. Shaw Lane sports centre, church halls, local clubs and the upstairs rooms of two restaurants in Barnsley town centre were among those mentioned. Joe was asked to investigate further and given power to make a booking if necessary.

Tuesday October 27th – venue to be arranged.

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